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This is the icon Atlaganti uses for his YouTube channel, as well as other social media accounts.

Atlaganti is a content creator known for his Simply Vanilla Anarchy series. His first video on the server was uploaded on July of 2021[1]. He later brought his friends ShaneTheCreep, penr0se, and Skotose me, where he met on the Mineville/Manacube server. Since then, he has been making videos on the server with them. Fun fact: He made the "Content Creators" thumbnail for Main Page.



Atlaganti joined Simply Vanilla after researching about vanilla anarchy servers, as he was tired from all the hacking in his previous anarchy servers he played on. He uploaded his first video and created a base alone. Later, he shared the server to ShaneTheCreep and Skotose me who joined the server, and the three decided to base together[2].

First Base and The Walls

Atlaganti arrived to a new location with ShaneTheCreep and Skotose me to create their first mega base, Skotose Cave Base[3]. Initially not having anything planned, Atlaganti decided to go further from the main cave base that Skotose me was building. Atlaganti built a resort/hotel for his base, as well as a subway system to connect the bases together[4]. After being inactive for 3 months due to being busy in real life, he came back as seen in a video by Skotose me[5]. He entered the base Skotose me had been creating known as "The Walls". Later, the base was found and he was killed by jung0[6]. The base coords were eventually leaked and Atlaganti and his group had to move on.

Other Content

Mineville Anarchy

Atlaganti started his channel uploading Mineville Anarchy content (now known as Manacube Infinity)[7]. He met other creators such as Skotose me as well as ShaneTheCreep while he was active. There, he created content on bases such as the Demon's Base[8], Pog Base[9], and penr0se's House[10].

Minecraft Challenges

Atlaganti started his Minecraft Challenges series with "Minecraft but Trees Disappear around ME"[11].