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Introduction to Crystal PvP

Crystal PvP is a form of combat used on anarchy servers using end crystals. While Crystal PvP with a hacked client is more well known, here on Simply Vanilla as well on other Vanilla survival servers, Crystal PvP is clientless.

History of Crystal PvP on Simply Vanilla

September 19th, 2020, Viper69420 Joins Simply Vanilla and introduces Crystal PvP to the server. At the time Viper was the only player to be feared for his skill with Crystals. Other players such as IDreaZyyy, Globally, Sborm, and legend_angels also had some varying degrees of skill, with Sborm and legen_angels having been on Viper's team and IDreazyyy and Globally having known what End Crystals were and used them before Viper joined.

November 11th, 2020, Frazzle53 joins Simply Vanilla. At the time Viper and the rest of his team were the only feared spawn campers (A term used to describe players who play for the sole purpose of killing other players at spawn). However, Frazzle and his team began challenging Viper's team at spawn, which included many 1v1's between Frazzle and Viper as well as several team fights.

December 23rd, 2020, The first crusade begins, Viper and Sborm crash the first event and are fought by Frazzle53 and a few others, no clear victor was announced. Viper's new Crystal PvP team from fts consisting of mensma, zuni, Aires2 and others are brought to sv and geared by Viper. At this time crystals were becoming more popular but none of the player base could match Frazzle's and Viper's team's skill.

January 21st, 2021, Frazzle's team consisting of Frazzle53, AyeObi, ItIsBoiiii, and P0PCAT fight Viper's team consisting of Viper69420, VV01, Sborm, mensma and zuni. Frazzle's team is declared victors, and after a few other skirmishes, the two groups became friendly.

January-early March 2021, Players Wlther, Wjther, and others begin spawn camping, challenging Viper and Frazzle's control. Wlther's team ended up losing more 1v1's and team fights due to lack of numbers, higher ping while Simply Vanilla was hosted in Europe, and other complications.

March 2021, Inferno, at the time consisting of players Illselluthongs, MattMX, _wide_, G9F7, Abvolt, Leetlong, Hy4pno, and blatantmacro join Simply Vanilla in force, challenging other PvPers for control of spawn and teaming with Wlther's group of PvPers. In response, Frazzle53 and several other members from the PvP group CRA including Uccdawg, Aires2, Viper69420, and Drrew teamed up for a few fights and Inferno/ Wlther's group ended up losing very badly due to lack of gear, higher ping and sheer inability to field as many high tier players. During the March 2021-early May of 2021 Players Frazzle53 and Uccdawg dominated spawn, defeating almost all opposition.

May 2021, Skliggas team is formed and begins challenging for control of spawn, and by mid-summer of 2021 more or less succeed.

Present day: as of November 12th almost all of the active members of Inferno are banned, as well as members of the Wlther gang, CRA is disbanded and aside from an occasional 1v1 there is next to no active Crystal PvP on Simply Vanilla.

List of Significant PvPers On Simply Vanilla

This is not a list according to skill, simply to represent players who have had a Crystal PvP presence on Simply Vanilla. Players who have had an impact on Crystal PvP on Simply Vanilla can be put into 3 different generations. First Generation Crystal PvPers are recognized as players who first brought CPvP to Simply Vanilla and weaponized it . Second Generation Crystal PvPers are recognized as PvPers who were around and began practicing Crystal PvP from December of 2020 to early March of 2021. The second generation of Crystal PvP has been referred to as the “golden age of CPvP on Simply Vanilla”. Third Generation Crystal PvPers are recognized as PvPers who starting practicing CPvP on Simply Vanilla from Mid March of 2021 to the present day.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation