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Facz Fam

From Simply Vanilla

The Facz Fam is a faction on Simply Vanilla owned by the inactive youtuber Incredible Facz.


The Facz Fam was created by the player Incredible Facz may 2nd 2021. The Faction was planned to be used to record a video in which Incredible Facz would have his base be griefed. Howhever, after the first base's leak and grief, he decided to take his faction seriously and banned everyone who was involved in griefing the first base and players who were seen as suspicious. After this, a new location for the second base was chosen. Player OperatorJoe found the base, but pledged not to leak the coords or grief the base on August 6th, 2021 in a discord conversation with dc named, "Yeti." In fear of a potential leak, a third base was established. On November 6th OperatorJoe leaked the second base's coordinates (163897 -204983) in the simply vanilla discord server alongside other locations. In january of 2022 the third base's coordinates (29800 1900) were found and the base was griefed by player art_of_war_.

Current Activities

The group is mostly dead and has no particular objective at the moment.

Current Members

Former Members