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Greater Spawn Area

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The Greater Spawn Area is defined as stretching from 500 to 10,000 blocks overworld, or ~60 to 1250 blocks nether. This area of the map enjoys temporary security for building and less traffic than spawn. The Greater Spawn Area serves primarily as a transitional zone between spawn and the rest of the map, and contains the spawn bases of new players having escaped spawn. This makes the zone the most densely settled area of the map, with hundreds of small bases, farms and pitstops. However, this build density simultaneously makes the Greater Spawn Area home to the most ruins, as players and groups regularly hunt and destroy these small—and even larger—builds.

The Greater Spawn Area additionally hosts projects, spawn groups, pvp and highway maintenance, among others. This page serves to document this lively section of the map, its many landscapes and stories.

Farms, Pitstops and the Highway

Extending out from spawn on the 4 main axes are the servers overworld highways. Although nether is king when it comes to minecraft travel, nether spawn is easily hijacked by players or groups. For players either spawning in new or otherwise, travelling out to a safer nether entry point is a must. The result is 4 main axis overworld highways, leading out of spawn and allowing players to access nether highways or the nether roof for further travel. The highways also serve to shuttle new players out into the Greater Spawn Area where they can build temporary starter bases before establishing or travelling further out to a more secure permanent location. Spawn tourists, exploring along the highway provide additional foot traffic. These highways serve as the arteries of the Greater Spawn Area, and see the greatest activity density.

If the main axis overworld highways are the arteries of Greater Spawn, player made roads are its arterioles. Most of these roads are short (less than 1k blocks) and winding, but some extend over 10,000 blocks in length. All of them however, present opportunities for players to travel off the axis and thus lead to and through builds and settlement. The longest reaching of these roads is the GrippingButton Road which stretches across 9,000+ of spawn. Below are some of the roads and highways of the Greater Spawn Area, some of which are clickable for further information.

Bases and Outposts

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Groups and Initiatives

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