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"this must be what an insane asylum feels like" - Jakersfal

Welcome to the (unofficial) wiki of Simply Vanilla - Anarchy without hacks. After joining the server you can use the /rules command to see the only two rules on this server:

  • "No hacking or hack clients. This [includes] Baritone and X-Ray packs! And macros which give an advantage over another player!"
  • "No lag machines, intentionally lagging the server or bot raids. Violators will receive a PERMANENT ban!"

Other than that you can go wild. The server is currently running Minecraft 1.19.3 Java Edition. If you want to join the Minecraft server on Java Edition then simply connect to the server address "" on the default server port. Further information can be obtained from the official server discord [1].


About The Wiki

You can create and edit pages after you have created a user account [2] that was confirmed by a moderator of this wiki. You can contact the team of moderators in the Simply Vanilla Wiki discord server [3].