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From Simply Vanilla

__Mop joined the server on January 6th 2021 with his brother Father_christian. Mop joined during the First Crusade and spawn was very easy to escape. After traveling in the nether for a while Mop and Father_christian would soon find an island that was home to a griefed base. After gathering basic armor and gear they would travel in the overworld and start their first base soon after.

Starter Base

Mops first base was a very small base. The base only lasted for a week and consisted of two houses, a farm and a mob grinder. Here They would get full diamond gear and tools with enchants. Father_christian would go look for base by looking at player activity in the nether. He eventually found a big dessert base. When Mop would log back on he saw that the base had been griefed by a group know as the "Curry clan". The group left and obsidian cross with the a sign that "griefed by the curry clan". Mop left all his gear in his chest so all of it was taken.

Mop's starter base on simply vanilla
Starter base view from the front


After Mops first base got griefed he had to go meet father_christain at the desert base that he found. He determined that nether travel was too risky and father_christian had no more food so Mop would have to travel around 10k blocks to meet him. When they eventually met they would travel and created a temporary base before creating their new base.

Second Base

The new base was farther out but would only last a month due to leaving a portal on the nether roof. During the time at the new base Mop would break his bed and for a week get stuck at spawn without having gear to get back to the base. Eventually he escaped to the nether roof and returned to the base. Right after Simply vanilla was moved to North America and the world border was expanded the base would be grifed by an unknown player who used x-ray. A player named opa_oz would find the base soon after and leave the sign "found you a new horse" and left a donkey.

More travels

After the grief Mop and father_christian split up and Mop created a temporary base. Mop found a location at which he wanted to build his new base (Sus town) and left his temp base to travel. after a week of traveling he arrived at the location and invited father_christian to join him

Sus Town

__Mop traveled to Sus Town after his second base got grifed. he arrived in early march and built his first house and soon started on a villager trading hall. whilst working on it father_christian arrived. father christian built his house and soon started working on his tower. father_christian stopped playing so his tower stayed half finished. Mop built his tower and after it was finished he also stopped playing in mid April before regaining interest in early June. Mop built a trading hall at finished father_christians tower which caused father_christian to regain interest in late august. father_christian built a big red amongus statue. Mop invited Bily_101 and father_christian would loose interest again. jokirtheslayer came to the base and also invited kimitcat to come with him. kimitcat stole the diamonds on top of father_christian new tower and stol bily_101s shulkers. Mop told bily that he should have just kept the shulkers in his e chest. Not enjoying being at sus town went and started SS base with jokir and Itsmossy. 2 months later bily_101 leaked the coords to sus town because he claimed the Mop killed him on another server even though Mop never even encountered him on the server. due to bily sending a bad screen shot of the coords no one came. Mop messaged skotose_me the coords to sus town to make a video on it. after the video came out Mop saw kenny asking if skotose_me got the map of sus town. Mop saw the comment that Kenny made and told kenny coords so he could go get the map. Kenny sent add_money and _YeetMaster and Mop gave them permision to grief. they then spent 3 hours griefing and lavacasting sus town.


Mop was inactive through May and early June but regained interest in the server while Faster_christian did not. After a few months of playing Mop got an elytra and full netherite armor. He also became friends with Jokirtheslayer and together they founded Semen Shootahs (SS).