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From Simply Vanilla

MrTamam is a moderator on SimplyVanilla. He joined the server in 2019 with Stijnsubaru and they were shortly followed by Alibaba_88. The group created an underground base.


During 2019, MrTamam fell into the void due to an unexpected server reset whilst exploring the End. He managed to convince the moderator MrEDok to give him items as compensation, but actually requested more items than he had. Therefore, he obtained some illegal items. However, neither the base nor the illegal items exist today, because they were lost after the 2019 Rollback.


After the server returned online, he and Alibaba_88 were invited to rejoin the server by GreiBoi, who they befriended on Uneasy Vanilla, the server created by former moderator MrEDOk after Simply Vanilla was down for over a month. Together with other trusted friends of GreiBoi the group created Spooky Town, a Halloween-themed base. The group soon abandoned the base fearing it would eventually get griefed due to its proximity to spawn. Soon after the group moved to a secure location, the name Black Hussars was picked. After some time passed, one of the base members, Viper69420, decided to grief the base together with the outsider P0PCAT. The Black Hussars never reunited after this incident.