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Oni was cretated by PoggerBottle and Lava on October 26th, 2021 to continue the legacy of Yokai, which had been retired shortly before. MrJengo was made a co-leader. Unda was kicked in November for repeatedly spam pinging FlexCoral. Iberium visited the base in December. On December 12th 2021, Skliggas member P__y leaked the coords of FFD Castaroth base to Poggerbottle. Poggerbottle, Sayoritsu, Jakersfal, Wabaloo, Sansiex, and Stepsis quickly arrived there and looted interesting items from the base, later giving them back and forming an alliance with FFD. Oni Base was griefed on December 26th, 2021 by Skliggas. On January 2nd, 2022 the Oni Christmas tree won 1st place in the Christmas Tree Building Contest, judged by Iberium. Zero joined the group January 18th 2022, and Unda returned January 23rd 2022.