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From Simply Vanilla
Shane the creep.png
ShaneTheCreep's Mapart
Status: Active
Join Date: June 26th 2021
Current Groups: Formicidae

ShaneTheCreep is a Youtuber that plays on Simply Vanilla and makes content with Skotose me and Atlaganti.

His Channel Can Be Found Here:

Early Days

ShaneTheCreep first joined on June 26th, 2021 after hearing from Atlaganti about the server. Atlaganti gave him cords to his starter base which he used to get some basic gear, and then founded a base a bit farther out where Atlaganti and Skotose me joined him there.

After getting decent gear the 3 of them and penr0se went far on the nether roof to found a new base.

Most of this can be summed up by watching the first episode of his Youtube Series on the server[1].

First Big Base

When everyone arrived they all made videos about it and started work on their own areas. There was a big community cave base as well.

While there Shane built some towers and created his Sub To ShaneTheCreep Mapart[2].

Inside the community cave part of the base Shane created a hidden redstone room inside of Skotose me's room[3].

For around a month after this Shane didn't record/play as much and mainly just did some small stuff around the base when he was online.

When he finally posted a new video it was mainly just walking around the base talking about what was going on and that he wasn't dead[4].

Skotose's Walls

Shortly after starting to post again he joined Skotose me at a new base Skotose started on that has Attack On Titan Themed walls[5].

After this he built a big house inside the walls that he currently calls his home[6].

In December 2021 both the Walls and The Cave Base were griefed by multiple parties.


In October Shane started base hunting and found a few bases around spawn[7].

He hunted on the -, - quadrant and after going a while he saw the cords to the Bedrock Admin Base and decided to go check it out[8].

After that he went to the -, - World Border and left his name inside the border.

While End Busting he made an end city into a base, as far as anyone knows it is still there to this day[9].

The Great Mossening

When the server updated to 1.17.1, within 24 hours Shane farmed moss, and a shulker of bone blocks and went to spawn to spread it everywhere he could[10]. Other players have started a discord to continue the progress.