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Skliggas is a PvP group that is currently active on simply. Active members from this group are Azam, hqllow_, Skligga (a.k.a. anker), _DEM0, Nordics, Trinlol, and Falsest.


Beginning in about May of 2021, the faction was founded by players Nordics and now banned player ProtonBlitz. At first, the faction was very small and didn't have much PvP on their side. They were about matched up with the team Atlas, consisting of players Dragonblazer, Anker, Blitzed_Britt, and 1handrevy. Various fights broke out among the groups at Nether Hub, but casualties were very rare among the 2 groups. The war was at a standstill until eventually Atlas fell apart and most members ended up quitting.

Eventually, player hqllow_ joined the team after a few weeks, being a useful addition for supplying items at the time being. The team continued to grow and get richer, continously doing teamfights and 1v1s against teams like Inferno and players like Wences. Player Trinlol joined the faction in August 2021 officially, being a long time friend of _Azam, _DEM0, and ProtonBlitz. He made a change on the team immediately as he helped gettings players for teamfights and enforcing control at spawn. In August 2021 as well, ProtonBlitz was banned for AutoTotem after a team fight with Inferno and the Skliggas took a heavy blow from that, losing one of their richer members and top pvpers.

Team Fights

After a while of controlling Nether Hub and beating average PvPers, ProtonBlitz had started to begin doing team fights against Inferno.

The first team fight was a 3v3v3 of Atlas (blitzed_britt, anker2, and Wjther), Inferno (RefLxUK, G9F7, and MattMX), and Skliggas (Trinlol, ProtonBlitz, and Aires2). Atlas quickly lost their member blitzed_britt at the beginning to Inferno, giving them the win. Skliggas had no casualties in this fight.

The second team fight for Skliggas, a large 5v5, happened on July 7th, 2021. Inferno was the opponent for this match, their team consisting of _wide_, MattMX, Hy4pno, G9F7, Frazzle53, and Zifty_. Skliggas, with help from CRA, had ItzRealMe, KingEz_, ProtonBlitz, el1, and MiningBoomBoy on their team. Skliggas took the win in a 3-0, with casualties from Inferno coming from _wide_, 746k who came in later at the fight, and Frazzle53. TPS issues arose during this fight, leading to unfortunate ghost totems for Inferno.

One of the largest team fights to ever take place on SimplyVanilla happened on August 5th, 2021, a 7v7 between WHaK (with Skligga members ProtonBlitz and ollietheG) and Inferno. Teams consisted of RefLxUK, Hy4pno, KingD3fault, wideshush, G9F7, leetlong, and MattMX for Inferno. WHaK had ProtonBlitz, Vizzzo, Ceeew, TwoHandsRevy, Gnomeds, el1, and Oolfa. The fight ended in a 3-3 tie, with casualties springing from both teams. KingD3fault, Hy4pno, and leetlong were the inferno deaths, while Oolfa, TwoHandsRevy and Vizzzo died for WHaK.

The final team fight against Inferno, a 3v3, took place on August 19th, 2021. Supposed to be a larger fight, Inferno had lost out on members due to IRL complications. Teams for this fight consisted of ProtonBlitz, Trinlol, and Faze_0bama_ for Skliggas, while Inferno had Hy4pno, MattMX, and leetlong. Skligga won the fight 1-0, with ProtonBlitz killing Hy4pno. The fight prolonged for a while after, but noone died and eventually both teams left or ran out of gear.

The Simply Vanilla elections, an event called "larp" by many players, was crashed by WHaK and Skliggas. The fight ended in a 5-0 win in WHaK and Skligga's favor, with team Inferno leaving the fight quickly after being crashed and RR / other attendees taking the most casualties. Players add_money1 [1], horta092, oat1, and __Mop died and Falsest and ilidrael combat logged. This was not a planned team fight but can be viewed as a fight Skliggas/WHaK v Inferno v RR / Others.

The most recent fight, occuring on September 12th, 2021, was a 4v3 against Alfei, Wences, batteryboi2, and 746k on the opposing team. Skliggas had new member Falsest, hqllow_ and _Azam on their team. The fight ended 2-0 in Skligga's favor, with batteryboi2 dying to Falsest and 746k dying to _Azam. Alfei and Wences fled the scene after realizing it was a 3v2. Arriving late to watch the fight, money_roads (blitzed_britt) was attacked by Skligga members hqllow_, _Azam and Falsest. After requesting a 1v1, Falsest died to money_roads (blitzed_britt) and money_roads was quickly jumped by members _azam and hqllow_. Money_roads quickly fled the area with little loot gained.

Known Bases

  • Base of unknown name: -315300 383800 (griefed by RR on August 17th, 2021)
  • SK Farming Base: -361900 234800 (griefed by CCCP on January 15th, 2022)