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Skotose me

From Simply Vanilla
This is the profile picture that Skotose me uses for his channel.

Skotose me

Skotose me (real name Darius) is a Belgian YouTuber with 1100+ subscibers known for his Simply Vanilla series. He started making videos in March of 2021 on the Mineville server[1]. After Mineville merged with Manacube[2], Skotose me started a series on Simply Vanilla with Atlaganti and ShaneTheCreep.

Before Simply Vanilla

Before Skotose me joined Simply Vanilla, he played on Mineville anarchy. There he started his YouTube channel by uploading "2 noobs drowning"[3].

Simply Vanilla

On July 16th 2021, Skotose me uploaded his first video for his Simply Vanilla series[4].

He built his first base on his second Simply Vanilla video[5], where he met up with Atlaganti and ShaneTheCreep. This base has since been griefed as Skotose me leaked the cords. Before the base got griefed, Skotose me, Atlaganti, and ShaneTheCreep left.

In his third Simply Vanilla video[6], Skotose me and ShaneTheCreep travelled through the nether roof to find a new location for a new base. This was the first time Skotose me and ShaneTheCreep collaborated on a Simply Vanilla video.

In the fourth Simply Vanilla video[7], penr0se was introduced to the series, and Skotose me, Atlaganti, and ShaneTheCreep found a place to start their main bases. The plan was for each of the people to make their own separated bases near a main base, but only Atlaganti and ShaneTheCreep were able to make their separate bases. Skotose me ended up working on the main base only.

The fifth video[8] includes SweTuGa[9] joining the main base and posting his own videos on the server. He has since stopped posting videos about Simply Vanilla after taking a break from the server.

Formicidae Cave Base made by Skotose me with penr0se

Episode 6[10] reveals the first big base Skotose me was planning to build.