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1k Spawn area on September 18th, 2021
1k Spawn area on September 18th, 2021
1k Spawn area on December 2nd, 2021
1k Spawn area on December 2nd, 2021
Nether Hub on June 23rd, 2021, after OperatorJoe rebuilt it
Nether Hub on June 23rd, 2021, after OperatorJoe rebuilt it
RR mapart with ender dragon
RR mapart with ender dragon

On Simply Vanilla, Spawn is the area within 500 blocks on each axis from the world origin (0/0) and the area in which players first appear when they join the server. This combined with the central location make Spawn a popular location for players looking to interact with others, for example through trading, fighting or griefing. The area from 500 up to 10.000 blocks beyond Spawn is often called the Greater Spawn Area. It is there that new starter bases can be found, and it is also a place where planned player fights occur.




  • In 2019, Grimalackt built an end ship at spawn and it remained there for quite some months.
  • A small obsidian Y256 roof project to block the sunlight started
  • Many Highways were built
  • During the First Crusade an obsidian castle was built at 600 / 300.
  • During the Second Crusade an obsidian version of the logo of the group was built at Spawn within a few hours.


On smaller servers, spawn is always on the same block for everyone. Some players took advantage of that to trap players, and the spawn zone was made bigger through plugins. Currently the radius for players to spawn in is about 500 blocks centered around 0/0.


Nether Spawn is a wasteland of lava and floating blocks and nether portals. Its devastion was caused by the First Crusade. At its center the Nether Hub was constructed. It is made of obisidian and contains many portals. Nether Hub is subject to many cycles of griefing and rebuilding. The Nether Roof can easily be reached from the Nether Hub through a missing bedrock block at 0/128/15. The most recent recreation was built by PoggerBottle on November 22nd, 2021, as can be seen here [1].


The End Spawn Island hosts the Spawn Platform at 100/50/0 and the Exit Portal at 0/60/0. Next to the Exit Portal an additional bedrock block can be found. The End Spawn Island was water cubed for the most part of 2021. From November 16th, 2021 to November 27th, 2021, RR removed every water source, cobblestone, and endstone on the End Spawn Island and the immediate sourrounding. The "roof" of the End Spawn Island is an obsidian mapart originally made by RR displaying their group's initials. On November 28th, 2021, the mapart was changed to a troll face by Deoxon_ as a reaction to RR "deleting" the End Spawn Island.