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The Fall of Simply Vanilla

From Simply Vanilla

this page is dedicated to a series of event that started occuring between the end of december 2021, their main outcome was a gradual decrease in the number of players, leading to a rapid decline of the server at the end of Febuary 2022. The main reasons can be listed here, none of these reasons individually destroyed the server but it was their logical sequence that led to the death of the most notable part of the community in early 2022.

Notable causes Prior to the server selling

server stagnation in 1.17.1

after the Log4J security breaches that occurred on all minecraft servers. Beautifulz decided to upgrade the server to 1.17.1 to prevent any form of exploit. however, despite the release of 1.18 shortly before this date, it never updated passed 1.17.1, Beautifulz has several times mentioned an update of the server to 1.18, however, the server has never been updated despite many warnings on the discord of players who claimed that the lack of update would fatally lead to the death of the server.

the lack of transparency complained by many players to beautifulz

After the grief of many bases by Skliggas and DeusLoVult who claimed to have find it by using nether world downloads, ESP and heatmapping, a considerable amount of the player base complained to Beautifulz saying that world downloads should be made illegal. Beautifulz refused, arguing that world download shouldn't be illegal because it wouldn't be fair on an anarchy server. This led to an overall loss of confidence in beautifulz by some players like ilidrael thinking that beautifulz was corrupt and that he served the interests of the skliggas. Even after the revelations about the Skliggas base leaks, the lost trust in Beautifulz and fear of skliggas griefs had already taken a hit on the server

the discontinuation of Skotose me's videos on Simply Vanilla

due to simplyvanilla boredom, a fear of getting streamsnipe and a desire to play in 1.18, skotose started a series of streams on the semi-anarchy server As a result, skotose was no longer keeping anything new going and was not keeping simply alive with his videos. It is not true to say that the community switched from Simply to Eusurvival after the skotose videos, but this new server was now an alternative for a great part of the community.

The events of 15th to 22nd of February 2022

The Shuttdowns

On 15 February 2022, three complete server crashes followed by reboots drained the Simply Vanilla community, Beautifulz said it was due to his hosting company giving him the wrong amount on the server bill. The responsibility of Beautifulz has not been disputed by the players, however, these crashes are not negligible in draining the community on other servers as the server was already in a bad position.

The Server Secret Selling Offer

r/MinecraftServer. On this post Beautifulz wrote that he wanted to sell the server for 3750 dollars to a buyer because he had neither the time nor the money to take care of it. It also had all the external links to the server attached, such as the wiki link, the discord link or a mention of the youtubers on the server. This decision was seen as a betrayal by most players, as beautifulz did not even inform the community about the sale of the server. The fact that beautifulz was making profit out of the server selling was also really critisized since he also made money from the donor and vip ranks.

Deus's Purchase

On Febuary 22nd, Skliggas, revealed that deus won the auction against idiot to buy the server. When this info was confirmed, a major part of the community felt betrayed by beautifulz. The players were angry by beautifulz's attitude and scared by DeusLoVult1099 as an owner because he could potentially doxx anyone he didn't like, the playerbase quickly decided to move on and finally move from simply. Many players griefed their own bases, started hacking, leaked other people's bases and moderators like [MrTamam]] started teleporting players and dupe items out of anger for the server selling. the point of no return had been passed.