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Player 746k, formerly known as VIadVonCarstein. Joined in late 2020 (Date missing), and began playing actively in early 2021. In mid-March of 2021 746k became basemates with 904k, ItIsBoiii, Lilxof, and Stock430, founding Cosa Nostra and inviting other players soon after. 746k became very close friends with 750k, inviting him to the Cosa Nostra base. In late March of 2021 746k became close friends with MattMX, Wideshush, and leetlong who are members of Inferno. 746k contributing to joint griefs and pvp with Inferno and Cosa Nostra. 746k fully joined Inferno on May 25th, 2021 as their first NA member. On July 15th 2021 746k griefed DeusloVult1099's solo base, acquiring his entire elytra stash among other valuable goods. (coords to the ruins are -293200 -150300). A short while later 746k and Deoxon found one of Deus' group bases and proceeded to grief it, using more than 3 shulkers of wither skulls in the grief.

As of August 2021 746k is a semi inactive player, a known griefer, trader and semi-known (tier 3) crystal pvper.

As of November 12th, 2021, 746k became an inactive member of Inferno due to half the team being banned on all major servers.

As of December 2021 746k has become relatively Inactive on Simply Vanilla. In late January of 2022 746k started a base with Itzfreaks, which quickly grew in size and resource production.

Currently (as of late February 2022) 746k has left Simply Vanilla and Minecraft as a whole.