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add_money1, also known as ngine on discord, first joined Simply Vanilla on January 3rd, 2021. He is a founder and member of Radical Raiders (RR). His alt's name is InfiniteImperm.


Early Days

Radical Raiders

Present Day



add_money1's first chat message was, "Xd" followed shortly thereafter with, "wtf is this reichsf├╝hrer shit??" and "dudes is this a nazi server?" in reaction to other community members' chat activities. Shortly after he renamed about 80 withers at spawn, some of which sporting antisemitic names, to "Nazis are miserable little twats." He later stated he was an indirect financial supporter of ANTIFA.

In the ingame statistics for "Distance by Elytra" he reached the maximum value of 21,474,836.5 blocks in the summer of 2021. He also reached one million Zombified Piglins kills on his alt InfiniteImperm on November 15th, 2021, and two million in January, 2022.