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Anker (current IGN is Skligga) joined the server for the first time on 2021/1/3.


Anker was initially teamed with ShirtlessReptile (currently banned), Owen_Rocks_3, who are both of his friends outside of Minecraft, when he first joined the server.

After ShirtlessReptile's ban, Anker shared bases with Redstate, until Redstate went inactive during June, 2021.

Shortly afterwards, he joined team Atlas, which consisted with members Achro, Unda, blitzed_britt, 1handrevy, DragonBlazer, JEFFERSONABN, and a few other inactive members. He and other atlas members (blitzed, 1handrevy and dragon) dominated hub when the team lasted, and was constantly in war with Skliggas members and Inferno members. After the base was griefed, they had a few more bases built but none of them lasted long.