Ben Kalish Ezab

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Starting Off

-Ben joined SimplyVanilla on the 9th of October 2020, on the account 1CharlesB (a seperate account to his modern account). He joined the server with a friend of his named lexotic2, who hadn't been playing Minecraft for too long.

-After joining, the two made a base a few hundred blocks away from spawn, which was soon griefed by a player named X2doozy.

-After this, the duo took shelter in an old castle near spawn, and then made their way to an ice spikes biome where they mined to get full diamond gear. After a while, some of Ben's friends joined the server for a few days, where they all spent most of there time at a small wooden hut Ben had made fairly far out.

The Creation of Ben's Sky Base

-Before most of Ben's friends had left the server, they had mined a lot of obsidian to make a small obsidian sky base near spawn at the co-ordinates 220, 380, with a some trees and grass which they had placed up there and declared their home. The base was robbed multiple times, including one time where Ben's dog was stolen and being held for ransom which he managed to save, due to the dog not being sat down.

-Eventually, a player named vlonemusk griefed the base, leaving nothing there except for most of the obsidian.

-After the grief Ben and his remaining teammates decided to make a base further out, but on the way to the planned location, Ben was attack by the player Idreazyyy, who trapped Ben's log spot until lexotic2 had come to free Ben. They then went around 3.7k out directly on the X+ axis which was griefed in December of 2020, around a month after its creation.

-Since Ben wasn't in possession of any netherite, he saw this as an opportunity to go mining for some. After getting full netherite, he decided to once again visit spawn where he was attacked by some geared players. In the worry that his logout spot had been trapped, he made an alt named BenKalishEzab, to see if his logout spot was safe. After being sure that he could log back in, Ben logged on to then leave spawn.

-After attempting to leave spawn, Ben fell and died losing all of his stuff. Alongside this, the First Crusade was taking place, meaning there were many crusade members at spawn, constantly killing him.

-The player P0PCAT had tried to follow Ben back to his base in one of Ben's attempts to flee spawn, but got impatient and killed him on the way there. He managed to get his teammate lexotic2 to log on and retrieve his gear, which luckily, in the conditions, was a success.

-They then decided to make a small base in a village further out this time, which the founded on Christmas Eve of 2020. The base is within 50k of Spawn but remains ungriefed to this day. For a while the two didn't do much, Ben spent most of his time rebuilding his obsidian sky bases at spawn while lexotic2 wasn't as active. After a while, Ben decided to try and get an elytra, which sadly ended with him falling into the void and dying.

The Facz Fam

-Ben and lexotic2 had developed an interest in a group on the server called the Facz Fam, founded by the Incredible Facz. Ben befriended player Horta092, who was a much wealthier member of the Facz Fam, who after learning about Ben's lack of gear, gave him an elytra and a g-set. Ben didn't travel to either of the Facz Fam, due to his lack of equipment to get there, but wasn't too bothered, as both bases were found and leaked anyway. After both griefs, Ben offered the Incredible Facz to stay at his base, somewhere Facz still bases to this day.