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Joined on the 21st February 2020 with woof_123 and not 2 hours after spawning in had they found their first base at 30k which belonged to devilish and grabblo, then selling the coords to [Frazzle53]] their first netherite g-sets and items. blitzed_britt was part of many groups on Simply Vanilla but his first group was called the Mad Lads which had other players such as goatkart, Wynnep, Liaramancer, woof_123, arcticstrix and derbulor. The group mined the X-highway in the nether from 5k to 25k and set up bases along the highway. During an expedition to spawn he met some newplayers claiming that they had found a chest full of netherite blocks. blitzed_britt killed the players and took the stack of netherite blocks and split it with his team. The group disbanded after all players but blitzed_britt became inactive and their bases griefed. After this first base grief blitzed_britt taught himself how to use crystals in combat. blitzed_britt went on to join Atlas after meeting Achromatopsia_ and Garfield511 at spawn. Atlas continued to expand its members and power on the server with blitzed_britt as one of the leaders. blitzed_britt met deuslovult through trading and became the servers 3rd player to reach 50 trades on the official trading server. blitzed_britt's friendship with deuslovult led to many joint adventures such as the 2nd crusade and numerous obby farms in the end. Atlas would go on to become one of the servers richest groups and to dominate the nether hub with anker, [dragonblazer100]], blitzed_britt and garfield511. A notable victory being against viper69420, cpyro, omarf and more of cpyros friends. Towards the end of blitzed_britts time on simply vanilla he began to look for something else to do, leading him to the use of hacks. After receiving several bans (including a temporary ban for suspicion of using Autotem) of which only one resulted in an actual 7d ban on 04.09.2021, blitzed_britt was permanently banned on 26.09.2021 for Autototem [1].