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Former SV mod from 2019, according to kingpooter he stepped down and had a bad temper.

He owned the thot begone illegal knockback10 stick.

He sometimes still logs on to SV, but has player status.


  • darkest_traveler (formerly Loot_Wizard / formerly BranchInaBox)

12/01/2020 Mod MOD Branch » the spawn radius had to be extended because someone flooded spawn and obby trapped it to a single block at one point

duenstorm » What about that other sword you were talking about, "thot begone"

duenstorm » was only reading casually, but I remember you saying it's an illegal item?

Mod MOD Branch » thats a knock back ten stick that was given to me by a mod that no longer has the ability to work on the server anymore

Mod MOD Branch » I told the owner about it and he said I could keep it way before becoming staff even


Mod MOD Branch » I am giving away thot begone and hosting a build competetion next weekend.