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Bubville is a small faction that remains relatively inactive. Parkwaaay is the official leader, however Jakersfal is the De-facto leader since October 21st, 2021.

Old Bub

Bubville was formed August 17th, 2021 by new players Parkwaaay, Len5556, Nigel_Powers, metalhader78869, and OwlZog. Before the founding, Len had lived in a village near spawn. Nigel_Powers then changed his name to Hiya_Midge the same day. They all journeyed together to the site of the first Bubville in an event known as the Pilgrimage. Wolf_Rippa (known as Boris) joined the team on August 19th and 1 day later he quit the server due to external circumstances. Due to a fear of leaked cords by Boris, the Original Five packed up and abandoned the first Bubville town on August 20th.

Sometime in September, Antichrist was invited to the OG Bubville as a recruit. On September 12th he found the settlement to have been griefed by Rampage Council. Jakersfal returned on December 13th to find the base lavacasted. Three unknown residences were found, with one belonging to Beanworld10, potentially the ign of antichrist.

New Bubville

New Bubville was established August 22nd, with Jakersfal becoming a member that day, and JokirtheSlayer joining soon after. King Lizzard became associated with the faction as he provided elytras for all of the members to gain their trust. On August 30th, Metal was permanently banned for hacks. In the Bubville mines, Len5556, Hiya_Midge, Parkwaaay, and Jakersfal battled the wither together in early September. Parkwaaay’s friend Hudstache joined and built a homestead just outside of the village. In early September, Ultio__ and UndaB_OZ joined the group after getting bored of being a small group. Although Unda was not seen at Bubville, Ultio was frequently involved in the town, including the creation of a massive trading hall. Joker’s friend Kitmitcat joined mid september and set up a house overlooking the town.

Lizzard's Rebellion

On September 23rd, King Lizzard attempted to declare himself leader, later claiming it was a joke, however most of the THS bases had been griefed around the same time. After being kicked from the groups discord, King Lizzard then came to Bubville and crystalled Parkwaaay and his house. After a long standoff with the rest of the Bubville members, King Lizzard logged out and all of New Bubville was abandoned and everything was evacuated.

Bub Castle

On September 24th, Jakersfal arrived at the site of Bub Castle and established a temporary bunker. Unda had arrived at a Bub base for the first time also on the 24th. With Ultio’s help Jakersfal completed the castle quickly. Shortly after, King Lizzard was banned for doxxing and harassment. Ultio and Unda’s friend, Sugriva_Apely visited the castle and set up a room, however his presence there was shortlived. Soon after, Ultio was banned which led to the faction becoming less active. FlashInferior was recruited in mid October to help revive the group. On October 25th, another player discovered Bub Castle which led to an evacuation and abandonment of the castle.


On October 26th, Parkwaaay, Hiya_Midge, Len5556, and Jakersfal journeyed to a new location and founded the current incarnation of Bubville, with FlashInferior following days later. Many of the members who had been at Bubville very little or were seen as a risk were formally removed the same day. After going inactive the same day that Bubville was built, all of the current Bubville members logged in for the first time together on December 15th. OwlZog made the journey from New Bubville to Bubville also on December 15th after having only logged for brief moments since mid-September. Hiya_Midge also changed his username to MoreChilliMan Bubville still stands today.

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