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Flag of the Indivisible Union

The Central Communist Commonwealth Party also known as CCCP is a monarcho-socialist revolutionary group on the server Simply Vanilla. Its regime is a based on the sharing of the means of production such as farms and bases to abolish the capitalist system installed in certain groups. CCCP operates the revolution process throughout the griefing of bases and the construction of communist symbols everywhere on the server.

All members have been united as of November 20th, 2021 but the CCCP was officially proclaimed a nation state only on December 23, 2021.

Jung0 is currently the leader and king of the group, decisions are still subject to approval and discussion by all group members.


Name Titles
Elprospector Supreme Farming Minister, party intendant, treasurer
Jung0 King of the Commonwealth, Director of command operations
CastorSansBarage Imperial Scout, Minister of the Secret Services
Mythsi General Redstone engeneer, TNT duper designer, Farm builder
Llenn Citizen of the CCCP
BobAvecCheveux Citizen of the CCCP



The members of the CCCP are a group united for several years, they were formed as a minecraft anarchy group on other servers like LinusStudio or Waracons. their arrival on Simply Vanilla was triggered by the closing of the semi-anarchy server LinusStudio.

First Base and BriggsyTown

CCCP's first base was built on November 21th 2021 and abandonned on the 12th of December 2021 it was used mainly for farms and quick developpement of key ressourcess. during a meeting, Jung0 called for the griefing of Skotose me cave base, After the griefing, CastorSansBarage and Mythsi decided to exile and form another temporary base, BriggsyTown was founded on December 12th 2021. One week later, Jung0 and Elprospector joined the base. On the 23th of December, a CCCP christmas event was hosted in BriggsyTown, on this day, Jung0 declared war on all the capitalist and imperialist entities on the server and proclamed the CCCP as a Nation-State. BriggsyTown was declared to be discontinued.


Blockingrad is CCCP's current base and is being built.


CCCP notables griefs
date target descriptions/coordinates
11.12.2021 Formicidae Cave Base -203240, 305222. Only the cave's main part, Atlanganti's quarters, Shane's Towers and Penr0se build have been found by CCCP, due to lacks of ressources, the grief didn't contain any withers. The grief process was split into two segment, the first one only included Atlanganti's base, during the next day, CCCP griefed every other parts of the base the next day exept the walls wich they didn't find, Jung0 also killed Atlaganti during the grief. Skotose me made many videos about the griefing

28.12.2021 FFD base/Castaroth This base has been found, griefed, and leaked on the same day. The walls part were entirely griefed by TNT. It included many ressources, such as Gsets, shulker boxes, emerald, iron and gold blocks stacks but also a mapart collections and signed books. The griefing was made when all of the FFD members were not in the base, when hqllow suicided to come back at his base, his bed was destroyed, and he figured out that Castaroth was griefed. CastorSansBarage then decided to leak the coordinates on the discord.

CCCP at Castaroth
CCCP at Castaroth
14.01.2022 Skliggas major farm base The Skliggas base was found with three member who were afk farming. Right after the base was found, DleckSackBlase and anker were killed by CastorSansBarage while Jung0 executed DeusLoVult1099. The base contained massive quantities of ressources and giants farms. After putting withers around and destroying SK's beds, Elprospector posted a screenshot of the coordinates with all of the CCCP members posing on the discord.

CCCP in SK's base
CCCP in SK's base
13.12.2021 Megamaster's "gamer hideout" 57000, 57000. This grief was the smallest documented CCCP grief, the base only consisted of two small island, one with a castle and a undergroud area and the other with a modern house and a fountain. The base only had three members megamaster345, GlazedTakoyaki and Jokirtheslayer. The base was found shortly after Flexx_mc found it and therefore megamaster345 already left and couldn't be bedtrapped. Takoyaki was executed during the grief and the coordinate were leaked by Mythsi.