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Commieblock is a faction on SimplyVanilla. Their leaders are aodrael, BG_for_BabyGhast, and Waljix as of Halloween 2021.
They were founded by aodrael on October 31, 2021. Commieblock’s current headquarter base is "TrES-2b."

The Banner was decided by aodrael, and accepted by the CB community.

Commieblock Banner "commieblock on top."


Commieblock was started on Halloween 2021. The group's primary focus is building bases and more. After the player, Zhadoe invited aodrael to his base, aodrael left due to excessive demands from Zhadoe. After he left Zhadoe's base and formed the Commieblock, he then founded TrES-2b with BG_for_BabyGhast. aodrael also started a side-base, known as "Rapture," the recreation of the underwater city from Bioshock. Commieblock since then has created a voting political system that includes the regime council, a president, and the president's council.


  • TrES-2b
  • Rapture
  • Outpost-G
  • Guardian Island

Active Members

  • aodrael
  • BG_for_BabyGhast
  • Waljix
  • Beardler
  • AnonymousPrince
  • A32K
  • 7zpy
  • bombknight
  • Razi7s
  • Falsifier
  • i_need_a_life
  • Osmobyte
  • GenesisEC


The majority of Commieblock's players are from the anarchy server, 2b2t, where as other members are from SimplyVanilla.