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Council of Cool Kids

From Simply Vanilla

The founding of C.O.C.K

C.O.C.K or the Council of Cool Kids was founded on September 24th 2021 by members ItsMossy, pok2drEYT, Macraft, Southlol and help of Horta092. After two of them (pok2drEYT and ItsMossy) left the Turtle Helmet Society or THS due to some drama in the group they decided to start the group alongside the other three founders. For the first week or so of it's existence was spent mainly inviting players known by the five to the group to try and get a lot of activity at the upcoming base.

C.O.C.K main base

In the second week of the base the being around, re-construction of the THS drylands temple built by ItsMossy and the start of a trading hall by pok2drEYT were complete but sadly a few days later an unknown member of the group had sold out the coords of the base to members hqllow_ and Skligga (known to most as anker).

Changes which came to C.O.C.K

The grief of C.O.C.K main lead to the members of C.O.C.K rethinking the philosophies of the group and decided to be no longer a group owning a base but instead a baseless group consisting of members from many different groups. This new way of life in C.O.C.K was inspired by a lot of inactivity at the base for the first two weeks due to many members having other projects in the works. As of now C.O.C.K is a group consisting of many players who will meet at spawn and events to hang out with fellow members with no official enemies as of now.

C.O.C.K Discord Members

Former Members