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Legal Dupes
Name/Type Date it became available Date it became disabled Why/Additional info
Gravity Blocks It mustve been available for some time, as legends say the dragon egg was duped unknown Beautifulz almost reactivated it on demand, but then was scared about dragon egg being duped, and found no option in his plugins to allow it anyway
TNT, Rails and Carpets Dupe 18/02/2021 Disabled prior, not since Available since server could now handle it

Illegal Dupers
Name Did he dupe himself? Additional infos
Popcat Yes. Many times. He gave dupes to sooo many players, the list would be long Despite it being very obvious, mods never really could proove it for his second ban. so legends say he just got re-banned for his first offense.
Mr_Hous3 Most likely. He claims that he's friends with Popcat and he gave him coords to a single stash (with about 50 double chests of netherite and god apples), but his ingame logouts/login, and his december discord log say otherwise He was banned until he gave the coords to the stashs he found, and was later unbanned by blaming PopCat for the dupes. On 12/6/2021, he admitted to the mod team for having a dupe stash and gave the coords to them, and in exchange he got unbanned (although he likely had his echest wiped).
Aires+Viper Although aires is a known hacker, he probably didnt dupe himself, and it was said to be one of Popcat's stashs https://streamable.com/mnqbu6 This video was shared 06/05/2021 on SV discord.