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From Simply Vanilla

Eden was created in early February, 2021, as a small group of friends playing Minecraft. The original members were Alfei (Buruv), Teoishellacute, Decentlytrash, and Chiriho. Activities included building bases and farms, hanging out at spawn, and PvPing.


Early Days

"We were some of the worst mc players and used like shields and swords(didn’t know about crystal pvp at the time)," Alfei stated on December 2nd, 2021, adding: "At the time period we were all pretty poor like 2 Gsets each and a couple ingots maybe". Their first base was built around 10k to 20k blocks away from Spawn inside a mountain with tunnels going "everywhere". After a month Eden decided the base was too close to spawn. After moving out they spammed the coords in chat. As it seemed fake it took a while for players to show up at this base.

The Motherland

At 100k blocks out of spawn Eden built their new base "The Motherland" featuring an arena and a castle over a span of several months at. At the same time Eden members obtain netherite ingots by mining in the nether and shulkers of elytras by end raiding. Also the group gave themselves the name "Eden" and recruited new members. Among those was Sphinx200 who was by Alfei's assertion "didn’t rlly contribute much and we bullied them by spawn killing a lot". The base was later found through terrain formations by independent hunters through a video of IncredibleFacz [1], then was used as a FightClub location [2], and was griefed afterwards.

Treasure Tower

New members were recruited but not invited to The Motherland. Baffoi was recruited and tasked to find other players for recruitment and build a base together. This base was called "Treasure Tower" and was also inhabited by woaaa, outwengamer, Biggie Cheese, and Tweenbot. By Alfei's account it was "a floating island in the middle of the ocean with a Japanese pagoda themed build. Not many farms were there and it was used as storage for the team." When BelloTheFemboy wanted to join Eden Alfei created a base in the -+ quadrant (just like Motherland) for them to stay at. Bell then invited Bosho0k to the base too. Over a few months Alfei, Chiriho, and Bell would go to spawn to hang out and spread Eden propaganda while the others built farms and buildings.


Awating the Caves and Cliffs update [3] the grouped wanted to create a huge cave base. Since the update was postponed the group decided to build a base in an Atlantis theme instead. The new base was built about 300k blocks out of Spawn and was used to create a mapart.

Conflict with Spawn Group

Treasure Tower and the Spawn base got griefed by the Spawn Group.

Wealth Acquisition

Eden came into possession of a shulker of shulker shells and a "stupid amount of netherite blocks", Alfei stated.

Late Activity and Decline

dnalol was recruited to help with fights against Inferno. New members Wiwar and Mieroku were recruited for their knowledge of farms and redstone. After some of Eden's stashes were allegedly deleted by Mods the group declined and members focused on other games instead. Dnalol got banned and Outwengamer, Tweenbot, and Immortal were kicked for "treason".


  • Alfei (PvP)
  • TeoIsHellaCute (PvP)
  • BelloTheFemboy (PvP)
  • Chiriho (Builder)
  • DecentlyTrash
  • Sphinx200
  • Bosho0k (Builder)
  • Mieroku (Builder)
  • Wiwar (Builder)
  • Baffoi
  • dnalol (PvP)
  • Willow
  • Woaa
  • Biggie Cheese (PvP)
  • Tweenbot (kicked)
  • Outwengamer (kicked)