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From Simply Vanilla

FFD is a group on Simply Vanilla created in April 2021 by players Btoken_, iureba777, oat1 and Logical_Leo. The group is best known for its trading, operating one of the largest independent trade shops on the server.

FFD Logo


In early 2021, Simply Vanilla player SpokenTea created a three-wide nether-ice-highway stretching 6,000 blocks. Due to its close proximity to spawn and the northern nether highway, SpokenTea's road saw moderately high ridership. and gave rise to multiple bases off its axis. These bases included a spawn base, multiple solo bases, and a set of huts outside what was at the time the highway's terminus.

The huts in question were built by players iureba777 and Btoken_. The pair had founded their base on April 24th, 2021, and slowly built out the base above ground while the farms, storage and other important sections were hidden underground. Around the same time, another player: oat1 was base hunting in the region and found this base, but due to the lack of visible activity or function, left to continue searching the area. oat1 later returned to the area and noticed the addition of a wall and further buildings, and with that stayed to try to catch its creators online. That day came soon after when oat1 caught Btoken_ online. The interaction led to Btoken_ revealing the hidden section of the base and oat1 ultimately joining the base.

Traveling only around 300 blocks away from this base we discover another newly created base, with members Logical_Leo and Niko_Beast. Due to the close proximity of the two bases, Logical_Leo eventually stumbled upon his neighbors, and soon joined the base, bringing along Niko_Beast soon after. In May 2021 the group expanded, with Btoken_ bringing in members Diso_ch (Disoh), fenecxx, plalo, mathero, Maluvin and gc_scout and oat1 inviting members spaniel14 and SeizureGoat. On the 15th of May, 2021, the group was named Facção Farrapos Democráticos (FFD) and the base was named Tjenu, after the ancient Egyptian city.

FFD Fist-Fight Club

May saw the group extend SpokenTea's highway to 10k nether, the visiting of world borders, and the creation of the groups first logo, a black star on a yellow striped backdrop. This logo was soon replaced by the current logo, the black stripe and the red and blue fade. Throughout the rest of May and June the base grew. A hall of statues was created, ending in a 16x16 map wall (2048x2048 blocks). Late June saw the griefing of Tjenu, which followed its discovery by player Chuckzy, who found the base through x-ray hacks (for which he was later banned). Soon after the grief, Niko_ Beast and oat1 had found a suitable location for a new base, this time much further from spawn. The new base was founded on June 29th, 2021, styled off the architecture one of Tjenu's islands. Within the first day the group had completed a large manor and the base was named "Castaroth" by Logical_Leo. Throughout July the group built a base on the 24-hour Simply Vanilla 1.17 test server, amassing a wealth of 30 netherite and hosting a fist-fightclub at spawn. oat1 travelled spawn and took photos of builds and landmarks. Members made connections at spawn and throughout July and August, the base itself was fairly inactive.

September 2021 saw a new era for FFD, and a new program of outreach to expand FFD. The group picked up its first major recruits late that month, with players hqllow_ and T3DIOUS being invited to the group and base, and MrJengo and DeusLoVult1099 becoming friends of the group. The addition of hqllow_ and T3DIOUS created a quasi-alliance between Skliggas and FFD, while new connections with MrJengo started an ongoing trend of growing ties between FFD and Yokai (soon Oni). SpokenTea was added as a member due to his contribution of the ice-highway. Following the addition of these new members activity rose, and Castaroth grew to around 500x500 blocks of dense settlement. Around the same time FFD Trade Stand was created.

Castaroth Library during Construction

In October 2021 FFD participated in building, organizing and participating in jakersfal's "VanillaFest", building the venue alongside McLava, Unda and jakersfal himself. November saw steady progress of Castaroth, with its next megaproject "The Library". The Library was intended to be a 200x200 building surrounded by a 400x400 garden, serving as a librarian hall and museum for FFD. Players implord34 and rasbow were hired to assist in terraforming the mountainous terrain flat. For a price of 40 netherite ingots, the 400x400 area was flattened by the duo over the course of 3 days. Following this project both players were inducted into FFD. Around the same time, oat1 began a recruitment initiative and recruited 8 new members to FFD and sending them to a base donated by UrbanTheII. In late November, Simply Vanilla Youtuber Skotose_me reached out to FFD for a video on the group, but the video was pushed back to follow the completion of The Library, which ultimately never came.

FFDxOni Alliance

Following a coord leak, Oni found Castaroth and decided not to grief due to good connections in FFD. Instead, the two groups officially became allies on December 13th, 2021. On December 27th, 2021, Castaroth was griefed in a holiday grief spree by members of CCCP, closely following the griefing of a major Oni base by Skliggas.


SV FFD Trade Stand Logo

FFD created its Trade Stand on September 26th, 2021. FFD Trade Stand, as it was called, was created as a group function for FFD, and was built out as a discord server, unlike most shops, which are hosted on Simply Vanilla's Trade Hub discord. FFD Trade Stand features a ticket based system with a user experience much closer to online shops. The shop opened with a giveaway of netherite blocks and other items, soon peaking at 150 members. Due to limited staff, the shop suffered through inconsistent delivery times throughout late 2021. The shop is run by Twig (T3DIOUS) and has Purity Vanilla and Simply Vanilla stores.

The shop operates with 3 main roles. The default role is for customers, who can browse a catalogue in the form of a product category. A supplier role is assigned to players who through farms and other means supply items for the shop. Finally, the trader role acts as order-fulfillment, either fulfilling the order themselves, or buying items up from suppliers to ultimately sell to the customer at a small markup "shipping fee".