Formicidae Cave Base

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The Formicidae Cave Base was the first large scale base created by the content creator group Formicidae. The plan of the base was for each of the group members to create their own base around a larger, central base. The Walls were later added near the base by Skotose_me. The base was griefed by CCCP on December 12th, 2021 [1][2] and the coords were leaked by buns on December 16th, 2021. Shortly after killassisst and ItsMossy griefed The Walls as they were not griefed by CCCP. The next day, the base coordinates were leaked by a different group.


Coordinates of Notable Locations

The Cave Base is at -203240, 305222

The Walls are at -203500, 304680

ShaneTheCreep's Towers are at -203648, 305484

Atlaganti's Resort is at -???, ??? but you can follow the roads if cords aren't added on here[3].

penr0se built at -204121 305038.

A build from an unlisted Skotose video is at -202611, 305276