Grau zune

From Simply Vanilla

Grau_zune, better known for his nickname "Zune", was an old admin. Along with Snackmach, Zune is friends in real life with the owner Beautifulz. Zune was one of the founders of Simply Vanilla. Beautifulz came up with the idea for simply and recruited Zune to be responsible for the technical side of the server, while Beautifulz called the shots and Snachmach enforced the rules. Zune took the server seriously, but liked to have fun in the early days before the server was big. He was responsible for bringing many illegals into the world. Eventually, after a dispute with Beautifulz about the banning system, Zune left simply on October 14th, 2019, to focus on his own server. Leaving just Beautifulz and Snackmach to administrate the server.