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Location: Europe
Joined SV: 23.12.2020
Faction: RR

Player from Europe, star wars and lasagne entusiast, with random amazing lag spikes and framerate drops which may or may not be used for duping in the future.

joined the server at 23/12/2020 in the beggining of the First Crusade, used to team with HPDOOK and jerisleepy, later on the same group moved to emil base. After some days of work with a better base hpdook and jerissleepy stoped playing. He met aspect and revenox while base hunting, they took horta in at their base close to spawn, so horta offered his base for them to move in. About 2 weeks went by and a "situation" ocurred. horta got homeless and poor, ngine contacted horta in discord asking what he would do next at 12/02/2021. after some deliberation got accepted in the Radical Raiders group at 17/02/2021. Moved to RR's fresh base at 23/02/2021.