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Hous3 Party

From Simply Vanilla


MR_HOUS3 joined SV on April 25th 2021. May 24th 2021 a player named ElAzure joined SV to play with MR_HOUS3. ElAzure and MR_HOUS3 played for a couple of days and no progress was made to convince other members to join a group, with ElAzure soon becoming inactive. _Hot_Soup became friends with MR_HOUS3 and joined HOUS3PARTY June 1st 2021. After a few weeks of fun, they established a new base with new members Ancyy and his friend Benby which lasted for about 3 weeks until Ancyy and Benby brought many duped items into the picture. Benby and Ancyy distributed the duped items to _Hot_Soup and MR_HOUS3. The admins soon found out and were quick to get them deleted. _Hot_Soup, Ancyy, and Benby were permabanned and MR_HOUS3 only temporary. After a week or so MR_HOUS3 got unbanned from SimplyVanilla. After roughly a month, _Hot_Soup was unbanned because MR_HOUS3 talked it through and decided to get her unbanned but delete all duped items she still had.

TMB Blackstone/Great Down Unda

_Hot_Soup and MR_HOUS3 were invited to the TMB base at BlackStone in July 2021. Just shy of a week after they joined, it was griefed by Skliggas. They then were invited to a base called the Great Down Unda. Ultio, Unda, and Hot Soup built the base and made it look better than BlackStone. From there, more players started to join HOUS3PARTY, including GGrevious26, ElAzure came back, Reckrium, Kiwilini0997, and C_heesegod. The Great Down Unda was greifed when Yellowsheep leaked the coords.

Split with TMB/GDU

_Hot_Soup, Reckrium, ElAzure, MR_HOUS3, Kiwilini0997, and C_heesegod were off to build a new base. Ancyy contacted Hot Soup and told her that there were still more dupe stashes left. Her and Kiwilini0997 flew to the coords and picked up the duped items. Kiwilini0997 gave Soup the duped items and In turn gave the duped items to the rest of the faction. Hqllow had joined the vc while C_heesegod was screensharing coords, so then Hqllow_ and Anker griefed the HOUS3PARTY main base where they stole the duped items, alerting the mods. C_heesegod, _Hot_Soup and 2 others were banned from Simply Vanilla. In order for the team not to be hurt, Hot Soup turned herself in and everyone else was unbanned, except Soup was perma banned. Then MR_HOUS3 quit and the HOUS3PARTY Discord group was deleted, leading to the end of the faction. In the end, they had fun, pvping, building, and especially making the mods work overtime.