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The server has been backdoored and shut down for a while in 2020. The security issues and mod perms have since then been fixed. All illegals created while the backdoor was active were removed by the rollback. Still some illegals were created by Beautifulz, Grau_zune, snackmach, and legotheshark_ and could be preserved. The following illegals are known to exist:

Illegal Terrain Modifications

  • Bedrock Admin Base
  • Two pig spawners, made by Beautifulz with world edit at his nuclear test site
  • the spawners that spawn eggs can modify
  • One bedrock placed next to the overworld portal at end spawn
  • One missing bedrock on a gateway
  • Broken Bedrock NetherRoof 0
  • Broken Bedrock NetherRoof 1
  • One End portal that only has one frame left