Incredible Facz

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Status: Inactive
Join Date: April 15th 2021
Current Groups: Facz Fam


Incredible Facz first joined Simply Vanilla April 15th 2021. He travelled 30k out until he found a base that he stole from. He then swiftly gained access to beds to use them in bed bombing players at the nether hub for their gear. Once having obtained his first gset, he decided to start recording a video[1] which made the community well aware of his presence and intentions to make content on the server.

Eden base

Not long after his first video, Incredible Facz was invited to tour one of Eden's bases. He accepted the invite and came to record another video[2]. Howhever, he accidentally leaked footage compromising the base as he showed bedrock paterns. Luckily for him and Eden, the base coordinates had already been leaked a while ago, although a decent amount of individuals still had no idea where it was located. Some of these individuals included the Turtle Helmet Society, enemies of Eden, who saw an opportunity to get desired base coordinates. King_Lizzard therefore dmed Incredible Facz on discord, proceeding to social engineer him to get the coordinates. His lies meant to make Incredible Facz trust him failed, as he was able to disprove them by asking questions to people and doing quick researches in the Simply Vanilla discord server. Having failed at his task, King_Lizzard asked POOZUH to have a turn and try to get the coordinates from Incredible Facz. He also failed. The Eden base coordinates were later publicly leaked anyway as a result from a fight club taking place there[3].

Facz Fam

Having no group, Incredible Facz created his own and called it the Facz Fam. He let in it just about anybody that asked to join. This is what led to the downfall of this group's first base which was griefed shortly after having its coordinates given to its members. Howhever, Incredible Facz had already planned for this to happen as he was going to make a video[4] about it. He was killed at this base by Skligga and when he returned, he thought the grief was incomplete, so he lavacasted the base himself and commited suicide. He then took the group seriously and banned everybody involved in griefing the base or that he judged to be dangerous. He chose another location for the base which was found a few months later. The new official Facz Fam base has been chosen to be one of the other members' base.


After making his video about his base being griefed, Incredible Facz planned to make a history lesson about the crusades. He therefore gathered information from multiple players in preparation for his video after he which started editing. He managed to get the part about the 1st crusade done, but it wasn't as good as he'd want it to be. Plus, the part about the second crusade was going to be a lot more of work. He realised that in his current neurological state, we would never be able to make a video of a satisfying quality as he was suffering from an unknown issue that caused him memory loss, concentration problems and an overall decreased intellectual. This is what caused him to take the decision to stop making videos and instead focus his efforts on his personnal life. He would continue to play Simply Vanilla from time to time but would be no where near as active as he used to be. He plans of returning to youtube one day, if he fixes his condition and is still interested in Simply Vanilla. He officially left youtube August 3rd 2021.