From Simply Vanilla

Starting Off

ItsMossy joined SimplyVanilla on May 30th 2021 and became active around late June and early July after being harassed by the owner of an SMP which we will not dive into. Mossy and his friends (Superstinky5872, Blamesimpskiran, TroyC, Rifct, ElixerPlayz, MattD, p1erson, cypher and ArcWasHere), all joined SimplyVanilla on the same day after deciding to leave the SMP. They all started a base together around 20k out in the nether, and after a lot of walking on the nether roof and spent their first month there together. After around 1-2 months most of ItsMossy's friends had left the server, either deciding to focus on pvp or joining other servers with old friends, the only ones who decided to stay fairly active were Superstinky, TroyC, MattD and p1erson.

Starting Groups

Mossy had become fairly good friends with many members of the server and after a few months playing and had joined a group with a few new players. The group was known as "monke nation" with his friends SuperiorMonke, Falken and a few others. After that group had been abandoned due to inactivity, Mossy decided to join THS as he had become good friends with many of the players and had developed an interest in the group. Mossy had also attempted to join Radical Raiders multiple times after developing a friendship with many members of the group, but without any success.

The founding of COCK and onward

After the disbanding of THS , due to the THS_Civil_War and the mass THS griefing by Nether Knights, Mossy decided to start a group called Council of Cool Kids (COCK) with many players, sadly the group disbanded very early due to a member leaking the coordinates to hqllow_ and Skligga (Anker) who later griefed the base.

After multiple failed bases, Mossy had been fairly demoralized and decided to lay low with a few friends for the next few months (SuperStinky and TroyC), after around 2 months, he was then invited to two groups known as Semen Shootahs (SS) and Oni. Through this time he spent mostly alone, he had spent a lot of time becoming friends with many people on the server including many members of Radical Raiders, Oni and Semen Shootahs alongside other players like MrJengo, Unda, _Mop, jokirtheslayer, butterfire8325 Skotose me Southlol and many others.