Jo 2021

From Simply Vanilla

Jo_2021 joined simply vanilla on November the 4th of 2020 and played with his friend he knows irl (risho_pisho) in a group called The Akuma Syndicate till early February during this time jo became a regular player and decently known for griefing and also during this time period he got recruited by one of the biggest groups at the time called Atlas during early March and was with atlas, till it slowly disbanded as all of its bases got griefed by August after this jo joined Faczfam lead by the SV youtuber Facz who later became inactive and the group slowly died off, Then he joined the TMB invited by ultio to the safe haven hub for many groups called Blackstone base, after a accidental cords leak it was griefed approximately 3weeks after jo joining. Jo then later on became more inactive on simply vanilla but joined one final group COCK which had trusted members from different groups at a base which got griefed within the space of a week then later on became a hangout discord for friends across the server. So a year later on the 27th of november 2021, jo_2021 left simply vanilla for the last time.