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Location: Europe
Joined SV: 16.01.2021
Faction: Radical Raiders

Kenny (ign "ilidrael", Discord "Kenny#8789") joined the server on January 16th, 2021. He opened a business for signed feet pics in May 2021. A lot of people would now consider he has a foot fetish, but in truth he doesnt, just finds the fetish funny. He may also be refered to boob guy for his compulsions to spam ASCII boobs in game-chat.

First Month on SV

On his first day, he went to the nether with food he harvested, and found a highway going to Z+ coords. He traveled 5k, made a hidden portal, and set his first base nearby. Kenny then played for 10 days alone, establishing some farms, getting all the possible enchantment trades from librarians, and got his 3 first elytras using flying machines. Kenny joined RR on 26.01.2021. After mooving out of RR's first base which was quite unsafe, he helped build their second base.

Youtube content

Somewhen in September, he paid Big Man Tyrone on fiverr to make a speech for Simply Vanilla [1]. Other than that he has no other public SV content yet.

Kenny Leaving

Kenny left SimplyVanilla January 21th, 2022 and did not plan to return to the server or Minecraft, but did return at some point is an active player again.