King Lizzard

From Simply Vanilla

King_Lizzard joined the server for the first time on March 2nd, 2021. On September 29th, 2021 King_Lizzard got permanently banned for "herassing with irl info, threatening to dox, doxxing" by CHR0N0S.


King_Lizzard co-founded Turtle Helmet Society (THS), a faction, with player POOZUH on March 2nd, 2021. The faction was created to take control of Simply Vanilla.

King Lizzard's skin (September 20th, 2021)

Beginning life on Simply

In mid-March, King_Lizzard would wander the Simply Vanilla wasteland getting an understanding of the server. Slowly King_Lizzard's THS would expand and King_Lizzard's name would gain more recognition through arguments and trolling in the game chat. King_Lizzard would do this for several days, until he made his first base, stopping the communication with Eden and trolling overall. Over a span of three months King_Lizzard would continue to build the THS, creating bases, and building farms. Until complications with former co-founder POOZUH would arise which slowed the spread of King_Lizzard's group.

Progression slowing

In-fighting and betrayal was prevalent in the THS during mid-April. Until early May, when King_Lizzard would look for more allies. This lead King_Lizzard to contact Ultio__ who would invite him to the Blackstone Base. King_Lizzard would base there with notable players like Wences, money_roads (blitzed_brit), and Skligga (Anker). This distracted King_Lizzard from expanding his group, focusing his attention solely on the Blackstone Base. In mid-June to early July, King_Lizzard would spread his name gaining recognition among the new players by giving them elytras and even recruiting some of them, but mostly killing new players at spawn.

Present Day

King_Lizzard is permanently banned. The original ban was issued for "KingLizzard" missing the "_" in his name, so people were surprised to see him login 1 day after he got banned. About 5 minutes later Poptart banned him using the correctly spelled player name. In that short timeframe King_Lizzard removed items from his Ender Chest, but all items were found and confiscated by Mods shortly after.