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Boofas Landing

Boofa is a lore based group of which the Mosslings faction is based off of, founded by Dagodian, KannaTheSmol and Cyndicate. There were other members like Jolostic and UMessedUp who were part of the council of that group. Their first base was at the ruins of a Southern Order base and was named Boofas landing. Since it was so close to spawn, the base was soon griefed.


After getting well geared, Jolostic, Dagodian, UMessedUp, Biskee, Jake, and Cyndicate traveled to the nether roof and found a site for their new base which was called Ogbog, a completely underground base. During this time they met an old player named Itimbit, he wasn't really in the group, just a part of it. Ogbog was abandoned after Biskee threatened to leak coord, leaving only jake behind at the base. Jolostic decided new members were needed, so he started recruiting a bunch of new people that joined the server for them, which led to new members like Jentrix, Heathn, Jettrixcool, Mars, okkosoto, Pip, icepack, Neonknight, Decently Trash, and southlol. A new base called Muchacho City was established to handle the influx of recruits. The base was built by Jolostic, Jentrix, Jettrix, and Heathn. Soon other recruits, known as “seeds”, started building there and making the base bigger. Jettrix was made the "Slave Master" which meant he took control of all the new players and he would assign them tasks at Muchacho City. After a week of the base being around, the slave PipYT revolted and leaked the coordinates to Muchacho City, where it was griefed by KGB.


Their next base was called Mossburg and the players there were: okkosoto, icepack, Heathn, itimbit, Jolostic, Dagodian, Jentrix, Jetrix, heathn, Decently Trash, and Minertitian. These were all the people that stayed the longest and had been the most trustworthy at the time. They had the base for about 2 weeks. They decided to build a dome for the base and Dagodian requested iTimbit to help build it. While Dagodian was offline, iTimbit didn’t build the dome how they wanted and Dagodian told him to fix it; causing iTimbit to go “ape shit”. Timbit and a friend griefed Mossburg and Ogbog, which had still been standing. As one of the more trusted players he knew what to destroy to cause the most damage. iTimbit destroyed everything, leaving the faction scattered around in SV. Only a few players were left, Icepack, Minertitian, dagodian, Jentric, Jetrix, heathn, and Jolostic. After that they made one last base in the jungle and that got leaked by another recruit. Mosslings soon fell apart after Jolostic quit.

Organization/Information on Individual Players

The Mosslings are organized through ranks from Council, Jibanuit, Mossling, and Seed. Council: Founders of boofa who have power over every rank. The members of the council were: Jolostic, Dagodian, Cyndicate, Kanna, UMessedUp. Dagodian was the founder of boofa/Mosslings and he ran everything. Cyndicate and Kanna were the lore makers, Kanna never played on Simply. UMessedUp barely played. Jolostic was responsible for recruiting most of the players and organizing the bases.


Rank for friends and people that could be trusted the most and were known the longest. Some were Dagodian’s real life friends and the rest were people in SV. Biskee was a good friend of the group’s on the server and they met him on another anarchy server. He was really good at crystal pvp and overall combat which was useful. During the days of Ogbog being built, Dagodian and Biskee got in a fight, leading Biskee to leave the Mosslings. This put Ogbog at risk since he had coords to it but he never leaked and he later rejoined the group. Itimbit was an old player on SV, he was with the group since they created the faction. He helped them with gear and bases and was overall a good friend of theirs. Despite the griefing of Ogbog and Mossberg, iTimbit remains good friends with the Mosslings. Jentrix and Jettrix are both brothers, Jettrix helped with the Ogbog Base as well as Muchacho City. He was the slave master and he looked over the Mosslings/Seeds. After Muchacho City was griefed he didn't play on the server as much and was only on occasionally. Jentrix was a very committed member of Mosslings. He was with the group from Muchacho City until the very end. He helped out a lot with the bases and new members. He always had plans in case they were ever griefed and he was a really good friend of the group. miner titan was with the faction since Mossburg and he helped out a lot and he saw potential in boofa/Mosslings. He was really good at building, was very active on the server, and was with them to the end.


Trusted players wore the Mosslings skin and were pretty active on the server. Icepack was with the group since Muchacho City. He was very helpful in building Mossburg. Southlol became a seed for just being active and wearing the skin, he did grief them at one point. Jake played an important role in mosslings as he was super active and he helped out during Ogbog and stayed to watch over it during the times of muchacho city and mossberg. He would later rebel after Ogbog got griefed and the group never saw him again. Okkosoto was with the group during Muchacho City.

  • Known Members and their Rank:
  • Dagodian (Council)
  • Jolostic (Council)
  • Cyndicate (Council)
  • UmessedUP (Council)
  • Kanna (Council)
  • Mixableartist65 (Jibanuit)
  • Pailure (Jibanuit)
  • Biskee (Jibanuit)
  • Jettrixcool (Jibanuit)
  • Jentrix1 (Jibanuit)
  • iTimbit (Jibanuit)
  • Eugene Krabs (Mossling)
  • Icepack8 (Mossling)
  • Southlol (Mossling)
  • okkosoto (Seed)
  • Coffee (Seed)
  • Heathn (Seed)
  • mlgdboy12 (Seed)
  • Mars_07 (Seed)
  • kaden7496 (Seed)
  • deviovs (Seed)
  • Maxgy (Seed)
  • w1ther (Seed)
  • PipYT (Seed)
  • Hecates_Cello (Seed)
  • pfirsichkopf (Seed)
  • DecentlyTrash (Seed)
  • NineOrphans (Seed)
  • snarlingcats (Seed)
  • rykcreeper (Seed)
  • deadstriker68 (Seed)
  • seb04to (Seed)
  • ridarn (Seed)