From Simply Vanilla

Starting Off

MrJengo (who was previously known as JengoKase) joined SimplyVanilla on the 20th of February 2021 and quickly befriended players Buruv (now known as Alfei). After around a month MrJengo founded Yokai alongside his good friend IchBinSchlau.

-MrJengo helped his good friend DeusLoVult1099 with organizing and gathering materials for the Second Crusade.

-After the Second Crusade had ended, MrJengo made a big name for himself, one much bigger than he'd ever wanted or imagined.

-Started a running joke for a long time that MrJengo and DeusLoVult1099 were actually cousins, which for a while only a few people knew, wasn't true.

-He was very generous and charismatic, giving a very clear picture of himself to others, something many players liked about MrJengo.

-MrJengo officially quit SimplyVanilla after the severs 1.17 update rollback, and decided to pursue other games and aspects of his life.

-MrJengo is still friends with many players from Yokai and Oni alongside many other players in the community, and is considered a very significant player to SimplyVanilla.