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OperatorJoe first joined Simply Vanilla on April 26th, 2021 and is a known troll on the server and the owner of the Simply Vanilla Trading Discord.
OperatorJoe is publicly known to be a member of SS, RR, and RGR.

Past Usernames:

  • OperatorJoe
  • JohnRanger
  • Benning3BN
  • JoeOperator
  • GeneralFrank
  • 0peratorJoe (current)


Early days on the Server

OperatorJoe first logged in on April 26th, 2021 and their first message within 30 seconds was, "Joe Biden is an AMERICAN HERO." OperatorJoe immediately began spamming vulgar messages and targeting players with insulting, racial, homophobic, and/or sexist remarks. "OperatorJoe dogwater" was a unified response to the constant spam in chat by online players at the time. On April 26th, "OperatorJoe dogwater" was spammed in chat by almost every available online player at the time for roughly 4 consecutive hours, and again on April 27th for 2 consecutive hours. During this time, there was little to no break between, "OperatorJoe dogwater" messages. "OperatorJoe dogwater" was messaged in chat over 2,819 times in the first two weeks of OperatorJoe's first login on Simply Vanilla. An Urban dictionary edit was made by player Logical_Leo on April 26th, 2021 to the definition of OperatorJoe, "Someone who has an IQ of zero, they join random video games and blabber nonsense claiming to own the place." You can type ,"!urban OperatorJoe" to see this displayed in game chat from ForestBot.

For the rest of April and majority of May, player OperatorJoe continued their chat spam and targeting players with drawn out insulting game chat. Sometime between May 10th and May 12th, OperatorJoe donated for VIP and priority que. On May 23rd, 2021 OperatorJoe received their first elytra and shulkers shells from a trade between OperatorJoe and player killassist. Documentation of this trade is found on Simply Vanilla Trading discord, channel #confirmed-trades. On May 26th, 2021 player OperatorJoe changed his Minecraft username to, "JohnRanger."

Lying low

OperatorJoe seemingly disappeared from the server post-Minecraft username change. JohnRanger's personality and behavior was a direct contrast to OperatorJoe, and seldom participated in in-game chat compared to OperatorJoe. JohnRanger sent a total of 203 messages during the time the username was active, compared to 3604 as OperatorJoe; Information was gained via Forestbot !msgcount bot command. As a result, there was no suspicion nor link between the two accounts being the same player, except for one player who managed to NameMC JohnRanger in early June. (PoggerBottle) During the time of username JohnRanger, the account spent a considerable amount of time rebuilding and cleaning the nether hub at 0,0 nether coords.

A screenshot of one of the nhub rebuilds by JohnRanger, moments before an attempted bed bombing by player shine971

A trading outpost, built by JohnRanger, on the nether roof at -69, 420 was a location where trades were regularly conducted. A wall of signs is still located there with signs left by various players who have visited the location, however the outpost was griefed. It was during this time that JohnRanger and ProtonBlitz started a friendship in discounted trade deals and a non-pvp agreement between each other. As a result, JohnRanger's (OperatorJoe) trade count on SV trading jumped from Certified Trader I to Certified Trader III. As a consequence of the agreement between ProtonBlitz, nether rebuilds were able to be done more frequently and with better quality work, as ProtonBlitz happened to be a leading member of PvP faction, Skliggas. As a result, SK members generally welcomed JohnRanger at NHub as long as no hostile actions were directed towards each other. The nether hub was cleaned and rebuilt by JohnRanger a total of 13 times. A vast majority of construction happened during times of low player count, and would generally be griefed in less than 24 hours. Sometime between June 12th-16th (mid-June) JohnRanger discovered an illegal player head from an old moderator base. This player head had no in-game name signature, and labeled simply, "Player Head." On June 18th, OperatorJoe is documented messaging SVT admin, ilidrael (a.k.a. Kenny) in notification of his intent to auction the player head on SV trading discord.

The Return of OperatorJoe

On June 23rd, 2021 Kenny created an #auctions channel on Simply Vanilla Trading for the first time. Shortly afterwards, JohnRanger posted the first auction on Simply Vanilla Trading, auctioning off his found player head with a starting bid of 1 ingot. Numerous players posted bids, publicly and privately, with the last two remaining bidders near end of the auction being DeusLoVult1099 and Imfrommexico. At the conclusion of the scheduled end of auction, DeusLoVult1099 bid 201 netherite ingots for the player head. However, protesting of the result immediately ensued with Imfrommexico claiming he wasn't given any time to counter the final bid. JohnRanger decided to extend the auction deadline until either player dropped out from bidding after a 250 ingot bid was made by player, Imfrommexico. Both players were heated from the exchange and the bidding ramped up, with DeusLoVult1099 claiming that Imfrommexico was an alternate account of JohnRanger's that was being used to artificially up the bidding. Eventually, the bidding war concluded when Imfrommexico couldn't beat DeusLoVult1099's bid of 600 ingots. Deus and JohnRanger agreed to meet at spawn, where JohnRanger gave a couple stacks of T3 rockets and an enchanted Elytra to Deus so they could both fly to a random location decided by JohnRanger. After accidentally saying a location in public chat, JohnRanger direct messaged Deus a different location, opposite from the one accidentally leaked in public chat. Both players flew there with JohnRanger arriving at the scene first. JohnRanger placed a shulker with the player head inside, surrounded by melon blocks. DeusLoVult1099 broke the shulker, picked it up, and placed it into his ender chest. Immediately following, an invisible geared player attempted to crystal JohnRanger and tap him with an enchanted diamond axe. JohnRanger flew away immediately from the area after the first explosion and protested the trade, claiming they were scammed by DeusLoVult1099 and an unknown player. After the event, a much heated exchange of players ensued in Simply Vanilla Trading Discord with many players siding on DeusLoVult1099's explanation of what happened. DeusLoVult1099 claimed he was scammed by JohnRanger. During the lenghtly ranting of players on #biddings channel in Simply Vanilla Trading, JohnRanger exposed his identity as OperatorJoe.

After revealing their identity, OperatorJoe embraced the reveal and stayed with the /nickname OperatorJoe. During this time, OperatorJoe resumed his previous persona and would harass and spam chat. On July 27th, 2021 JohnRanger changed their minecraft username to Benning3BN. During this period, Benning3BN aka OperatorJoe spent a majority of their time searching for player bases and trading. On September 6th, 2021 OperatorJoe was accepted into Simply Vanilla Trading staff as a helper. It is unknown when or how OperatorJoe found the Nether Knight's base, NK, but contacted player ilidrael (Kenny) on September 8th, 2021 inviting him to come take a look at NK base. The players agreed to let in Kenny's faction, RR, to come grief the base with OperatorJoe. On September 12th, 2021 at 1200 CST, RR and OperatorJoe descended on the NK base and proceeded to spam TnT, withers, and lava casts on the base. After this major base grief, OperatorJoe spent the next following weeks, griefing other smaller bases that he found from July 27th to September 12th. It was leaked in chat accidentally during this time that OperatorJoe had started his own faction, RGR. However, neither its members nor what RGR stands from was made public.

On September 30th, 2021 OperatorJoe placed the first obsidian block at 0,0 y:256 to start the +z sky highway. The project drew inspiration after add_money revealed had been building the -z sky highway for some time. To this day, OperatorJoe has placed over 17,000 obsidian blocks, extending the +z sky highway to over 5000 blocks from spawn. In addition to the overworld infrastructure, OperatorJoe would continue to rebuild netherhub. Sometime in late September or early August, it was leaked that OperatorJoe had started his own personal base with a group of other players. However, these basemembers' identities haven't been revealed. The base's name is Camp Winter. On October 17th, OperatorJoe joined faction SS and also joined their base, SS base which was founded by jokirthelslayer on October 12th, 2021. On November 5th, 2021, OperatorJoe was accepted into RR. On November 6th, 2021 OperatorJoe revealed a word document on Simply Vanilla discord with many base and farm coords, most prominently leaked the Facz Fam Base. OperatorJoe created the SS discord on November 23rd, 2021, and was given an admin role with _Mop and jokirtheslayer as the groups 3 co-admins. On Novemeber 27th, 2021 OperatorJoe revealed on the Simply Vanilla, Simply Vanilla Trading, Skotose_me, and ForestBot discords that RR had deleted the entire End main island in protest of the inactivity and lack of update announcements from server owner, Beautifulz. On December 3rd, 2021 OperatorJoe revealed to the Simply Vanilla discord that he had built the server's largest obsidian art at y level 256 near spawn. The massive obsidian art was a large obsidian polar bear silhouette, composed over over 28,000 obsidian blocks placed in one day.

(Known) Past/Current Projects

  • Nether Hub Reconstruction

Reconstructed and Cleaned Nether Hub a total of 14 times

  • Overworld Obsidian Highways

Extended +z highway at y level 256 with over 17,000+ obsidian

  • Camp Winter

Created first and only personal base with other players. Current basemates are unknown.

  • RGR

Speculated to be OperatorJoe’s personal group. Members unknown.

  • The War on Trees

Created a Global War on Trees whose vision is to eliminate all trees in a 5k by 5k area around spawn. Starting at x: 2500 z: 2500 and ending at x: -2500 z: -2500

  • End Reconstruction

Participated and took part in destroying the entire main end island.

  • Spawn Obsidian Art

Created Spawn Obsidian Art of a Polar Bear at y level 256 at coordinates x:-1640 z: 1480 using over 28,000+ obsidian


OperatorJoe makes his mark
Obsidian Art at x: -1640 y:256 z: 1480 made with 28,512 obsidian completed on December 3rd, 2021 dedicated to the deceased polar bear,"De La Vega", who died at Camp Winter
OperatorJoe begins the +z sky highway, eventually placing over 17,000 obsidian blocks
Another nether hub reconstruction on November 26th, 2021. One of many
RR's deletion of the main end island on November 28th, 2021. Project revealed on discord(s)

Common Phrases/Famous Quotes

  • Hi, I'm OperatorJoe and I'm running for King of Simply Vanilla
  • Everyone here needs to learn how to shut their fucking mouths
  • I'd slap the shit out of you irl
  • The MoistShitFart, VladShitStein, and Sharp Shit shut your fucking mouths
  • OperatorJoe dogwater