From Simply Vanilla

The Beginning

PoggerBottle joined SimplyVanilla on the 27th of March 2021 after leaving another anarchy server called Toxigon. He joined SimplyVanilla with his brother Aqua0rc who had also decided to leave Toxigon. From joining PoggerBottle developed a good friendship with player MrJengo and was eventually invited to join the group Yokai. PoggerBottle stuck with Yokai for a very long time until their inevitable grief from the Radical Raiders (RR).

The Founding of Oni

PoggerBottle then split off from Yokai due to inactivity after the grief, joining many separate groups like Nether Knights, monke nation and Council of Cool Kids (COCK). After a while PoggerBottle was asked by player Lava if he wanted to help revive Yokai in the form of a new group called Oni. As of writing, PoggerBottle, Lava and MrJengo co-own Oni and PoggerBottle still plays frequently to this day.