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From Simply Vanilla

RAM Clan

The Beginnign

RAM Clan was originaly founded by Macraft[RAM_Macraft] and TurtleWarrior[_TurtleWarrior_]. Since they are IRL friends, the first real member of RAM Clan was Swizzy[SwizzyPlays], who joined on 8.7.2021. The next person to join was Hostah_Mahogey[ButterFire8325], who joined on 12.07.2021. While Macraft was recruting new players, TurtleWarrior started working on the first RAM base. The RAM clan settled in a desert far away from spawn in - - quadrant. RAM clan then started building their 1. official RAM base.

1.RAM base

After a long walk on the nether roof Macraft and TurtleWarrior made a nether portal at the -69420 -69420 chordinate mark. They imediatly find village and started making their first ever base. Macraft made a little tower for their belongings and then explored a nerby mineshaft. Meanwhile TurtleWarrior started trading with villagers and working on first villager breeder. After they have gathered quite some resources they build their first ever RAM house. It was basic minecraft house, meant only for storage and for blocks such as crafting table, anvil, smithing table... Despite them building directly on - - axis and leaving nether portal on nether roof, they didn't have any unexpected visitors. Soon Macraft started working on the main build of the 1. RAM base, and that was the actual base itself. He started building blackstone/spruce circular castle, since he was a fan of circle bases such as ALYSSUM. The base also had an underground tunel for villages from village breeder and place for iron from iron farm, that TurleWarrior build. But Macraft wasn't satisfyed with the scale of the base and starting to expand the base by a lot. Soon after Macraft and TurtleWarrior had build the first tower out of 4 required, TurleWarrior got an in game message from a player called King_Lizzard.

THS alliance

in progress