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RR Logo
RR Logo
RR Banner
RR Banner

The Radical Raiders (RR) is a faction on Simply Vanilla with a tendency to grief bases.


RR was founded by players HydroLegionaire and add_money1 on January 12th, 2021. HydroLegionaire's starter base was turned into the groups' first base called Tempo (temporary base). The group's name was chosen on February 14th, 2021, and was created by combining an adjective and a noun from respective lists proposed by HydroLegionaire and YeetMaster. The banner was made by NotBarryMC and adopted as the offical group banner on February 20th, 2021, well before Barry was invited into the group. The logo was made by brains4211 in March 2021. The group was mostly inactive in 2022 following the events of The_Fall_of_Simply_Vanilla and returned in the summer of 2023.


In February, 2021 HydroLegionaire came into conflict with add_money1 and GoldHawk which led to the forcefully removement of HydroLegionaire from the group on February 28th, 2021. The coords to Tempo were leaked shortly after to Ultio and by extension TMB. After several players warned RR about the incoming grief RR griefed Tempo on March 2nd, 2021.

Two Towers

Because Tempo was built close to an axis a new base was planned to build in a more secure location. The base was built underground to somewhat conceal the location to players flying over the base. A badlands biome was selected to decrease the number of visible changes to the natural terrain and population an active base would cause over time. The base was griefed.

RR Logo Mapart at End Spawn
RR Logo Mapart at End Spawn
RR Spawn Propaganda
RR Spawn Propaganda


The group has two maparts of their logo and circulates them in the sv community. The first one was made March 26th, 2021, by Kenny and Add as a copy of the group logo with white font (white carpets) on a black background (black carpets). The second mapart features the logo again with blue font (water source blocks) on a black background (obsidian). It was made on August 21th, 2021, by several group members including Kenny, Add, Horta092, YeetMaster, Bloodswamp, and others helping preparing it. Since the second mapart was made at End_Spawn the materials obsidian and water were used to harden it against griefing. The second mapart was changed to a troll face mapart on November 28th, 2021, by Deoxon as a reaction to the End Spawn Annihilation project (see below). In 2023 a mapart was created as spawn propaganda called "Spawn is not hard you are just lazy" showing Brains sitting on a skeleton horse at spawn. This mapart is staircased 1x1 and made out of carpets and obsidian. It has been built in the greater spawn area.


In 2021 RR built their first mega base in the end dimension. After SV got sold in February 2022 most members of RR went inactive. During 2022 und 2023 Kenny extended the base considerably adding numerous buildings. Notably bringing dozens of mobs all the way out to the end base using flying machines.

Other buildings include two towers in the centre of the base, an auto-sorted storage with an obsidian dragon above it, a casino, a mapart galery, a banner museum, a tree museum, a library with player signed books, a slime bouncy castle, several monuments (arc, pantheon, several mob statues, etc.), orthang (Sarumans castle), Vaders castle, a giant space ship, Hostahs secret caves, farm houses, a treehouse, an ocean monument, a desert village, and more.

The base also featured a large number of farms and hundreds of villagers with trading halls beneath most major buildings.

The base was griefed on February 18th, 2024, after it was found by members of TRI. In the years before several players claimed to have found it or have access to it. After freddy_frogg found the base he was allowed to stay and build at it contributing some buildings.

RR Endbase griefed
RR Endbase griefed on February 18th, 2024

Public Projects

RR End Spawn Annihilation Project Propaganda
RR End Spawn Annihilation Project Propaganda

End Spawn Annihilation

The Project was initiated on November 16th, 2021, and had the goal of removing every removeable block on the End Spawn Island that would not be regenerated by the Ender Dragon summoning ritual. This included the water cube at spawn, lavacasts, and every endstone block at End Spawn. After some planning and Horta gathereing 10 stacks of sponges the project was executed. Hostah and OperatorJoe began sponging on November 18th, 2021. Brains, Kenny, Add, and Angel_Nina joined in shortly after. The last water source block was removed on November 22nd, 2021. Afterwards the End Spawn Island was destroyed with tnt dupers to y = 58 (mostly by Kenny). On November 24th, 2021, the group voted on if they wanted to remove the End Spawn Island completely or if they wanted to leave some form of End Spawn Island. 90% voted in favour of removing it. On November 27th, 2021, the project was completed when the last endstone block was removed and the End Spawn Island was reduced to the Exit Portal, Obsidian Towers, the obsidian Spawn Platform, and End Gateways.

Project "The Wither Strikes Back"
Project "The Wither Strikes Back"


On October 30th, 2021 RR spawned roughly 1.3k withers at spawn in "The Great Withering" project. On August 12th, 2023 RR spawned roughly 1k withers during the project "The Wither Strikes Back".

Anti Crusade

Some members participated in fighting the 2nd Crusade in 2021 and the 3rd Crusade in 2023.


Characteristically for an RR grief are large lavacasts with a shrine-like build on top featuring an obsidian block with an end crystal on top, two RR banners next to it and an item frame with an RR mapart in front of the obisidian block. For some griefs the participants also wrote a signed book greeting the base owners. When the bases are in the overworld usually a roof portal is constructed to the base that is clad in RR banners and mapart and other ornaments.

This list compiles most the of the public griefs by RR. The dates are in yyyy.MM.dd format.
Date Target Description
2021.01.24 an abandoned starter base of RolphySlimes RolphySlimes posted the coords to the base in public chat. GoldHawkTTV and add then rushed to the location and griefed it.
2021.02.13 Kiwi Base While hunting for desert temples Add found this base accidentally. It appeared to be a base of players "darkhh" and "Kiwi" even tho their exact names are unknown. The base featured antisemitic text and was clad in banners similar to 2b2t's 4th Reich [1]. RR members subsequently called this base Kiwi's Nazi Base or Kiwi Base for short. It is unknown if the base has a name given by the former, inactive owners.
2021.03.11 base of guillaumel1774 This base was found by horta when he hunted for nether roof portals. guillaume contacted RR after the grief explaining he didn't build the base but instead based there as a kind of squatter. He also tried to join RR and was suspected to be indeed the owner of the base hoping for revenge.
2021.03.13 a base of HydroLegionaire and basemates The base location was leaked to RR by Ultio and the base was griefed by RR as retribution for Hydro's coord leak of Tempo to Ultio who planned to destroy Tempo with his group
2021.03.22 G0dSl3yer001's (a.k.a. Jokir) base (shared with friends) Godslayer streamed his base in the sv discord server in a voice channel. He was provoked to press F3 for a brief moment. Even tho he toggled the debug screen for only a split second and claimed noone would have been able to find the base through that action, members of RR were able to locate the base because Add was screencapturing the stream of Godslayer and thereby had a permanent record of the F3 screen.
2021.04.09 another base of G0dSl3yer001 (shared with friends) Godslayer built a new base with some of his friends and showed the progress in a Twitch stream. Add watched and captured that stream. By analysing a terrain formation Add found the location of the base shortly after and RR griefed the base while the targets were offline. When they came back online Add was still camping the potential logout spots which was suspected by Jokir and friends so they didn't login. After a while Add went offline. After that the members of the base logged in and fled the base. Kitmitcat died several times in lava and at least once to a wither before escaping the griefed base.
2021.04.10 an abandoned base of Rey_Billex and basemates The base was partly griefed (some lava casts over the builds) while Rey and his basemates where still expanded it into a mega base. Since they deemed it hopeless to build a large base if someone already knew the location they chose to abandon the base. Since the base also wasn't really griefed Rey contacted Add and asked if RR wanted to complete the job while retaining "pretty ruins" of the base. RR obliged and performed the grief shortly after. In the process a large obsidian egg was removed by manually mining it. The remainder of the base was destroyed with tnt and some withers.
2021.05.15 a solo base of Little_Louie This base was found by SIMP_SHRIMP, 1TL_, Tragden, and others. Because of internal conflict SIMP_SHRIMP decided to sell the base coords asap so the others in that group couldn't grief themselves. Brains bought the coords and RR griefed the base.

2021.06.13 a base of Yokai Horta found a portal on the nether roof leading to a raid farm. RR members falsely identified the farm and the nearby base as an Atlas-Yokai group base. At the time RR members had a general dislike towards parts of Atlas while being friendly with Yokai creating a somewhat awkward discussion about if RR wanted to grief the base. It became evident that RR were not the only ones to have the coords to the base and subsequently decided to grief the base instead of letting other players grief it. While griefing it became evident that it was not an Atlas-Yokai base, but a Yokai base instead. The participants of the grief later concluded that they did not enjoy performing the grief as they liked Yokai. The then leader of Yokai, MrJengo, later stated that he was glad the base was griefed by RR and not another group and agreed that the base was doomed since other parties knew the location of it anyway.
2021.06.19 an abandoned base of SaltyLemonz69 This base was found by Add by chance near spawn. It seemed to be fairly old since the apparent owner, SaltyLemonz69, did not login since December 24th, 2020. The base had two skeleton horses, but no other loot. Just as allmost all other RR group activities the grief of this base was chaotic as can be seen here


2021.06.23 a base of Atlas Unda tryed to calculate the coords of a nether portal. Instead of pasting the coords into a calculator he posted them into the game chat. Anker suspected that Unda leaked the coords beforehand to RR because Add went to the coords immediatley after they were leaked and found the actual base. There was no evidence pointing towards a conspiracy inside Atlas, but tensions were high. While Add raided the base several Atlas members came online including Ultio. Also other members of RR joined the raid. When Anker came online and started attacking Add the raid was stopped and turned into a grief. Add was seen several times running away from Anker and Anker ran from Add after getting popped. Neither of them was kitted for pvp with Add having looted beforehand and had 24 shulker boxes of loot in his inventory and Anker just woke up and logged in without any pvp gear other than a sword and also had to leave soon after. The explosion of the villager hall built by Ultio can be seen here

2021.07.22 Astray temporary base
2021.07.24 Atlantica
2021.08.17 a base of Skliggas
2021.09.13 a base of Nether Knights
2021.10.30 Spawn ~1150 Withers were spawned at overworld Spawn killing numerous new players, defacing the builds at spawn like the 500 wall and the -z staircases, and destabelising the tps of the server by causing the server to have to load a large amount of temporarely stuck blue wither skulls whenever a player "activated" the chunks anew. This is caused by the Spawn chunks being loaded but the skulls being "frozen" by plugins. Whenever a player dies or joins the server for the first time there is a good chance skulls will be loaded in and cause the server to have a huge tps drop for a couple seconds. This problem has been apparent before this wither spam since historically there were always some withers at spawn.
2021.12.29 Sus Town After Skotose_me uploaded a video touring Sus Town player __Mop gave the coordinates to the base to RR. Yeet and Add went to the base expecting CCCP to already grief the base after __Mop reported that some of their animals were teleported. To their surprise the base was almost completely intact and there was no hint of any active player activity. After securing some maps of the base, world downloading the base, evacuating player BS06 who had his logout spot there, and getting the OK from __Mop to grief, Yeet and Add spent over 3 hours blowing the base up.
2024.02.18 RR Endbase see above

Current (known) Members

Former Members

  • HydroLegionaire

Group Pictures Over Time


Since most player's didn't recognise the group's acronym RR in the early months of the group a ForestBot command !rr was created by add_money1 using the original lists of adjectives and nouns extended with some other words to mock players that guessed the group's name wrong. Other groups also interpreted the acronym in their own way, e.g. Inferno's MattMX calling the group the Radical Runners after RR ran from a fight with Inferno members after RR attacked Roger_Roger_159 and 746k (a.k.a. Vlad) on May 25th, 2021 while both griefed a base of The Melon Republic. The interpretation of RR as Radical Retards is also very common.