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Rolling Stoners

From Simply Vanilla

Rolling Stoners

Rolling Stoners or "RS" is an anarchist group consisting of 6 members. Such members are Dumakulem, FokinMop, not_loogi, MikeyNoodles, MinasMorghul, and CavemanLawyer. Lead by no one but by the bonds of friendship and porn. True to anarchy, the Rolling Stoners don't value the idea of a small majority of the group having more power than the rest. No leaders have ever or will ever be admitted.



It was founded by its first four members: FokinMop, not_loogi, MikeyNoodles, and Dumakulem. RS came to be not here in Simply Vanilla, but in another server named "Pandemonium."

The group was formed when the four chatted with one another after each having played on their own for about two weeks. After a few days of talking, they realized they had a common goal of being in a group. Though they'd never met up with each other, nor did they have any reason to trust one another, they formed the group around March of 2021. Together with two inexperienced anarchy players (Dumakulem and not_loogi) they ventured off and built a grand base over at Pandemonium. Together, they built all the necessary farms an anarchy player would need to survive in a little over two weeks. Sadly, as all fun times pass, devastation reveals itself, as was the case with most unprofessional server mods and admins. Narcissism and egoism ran deep in the server's admin. It was a problem for RS, as what was happening was favoritism from the owner than total freedom.

RS felt that the server was dying. They looked for other significant anarchy servers that were vanilla. The first contender was Purity Vanilla, which is an anarchy server that has its own reputation and player base. Sadly, the queue was too much for RS as it was reaching almost double digits in the queue server. The second choice was Simply Vanilla. Thus shall RS' history in this server finally begin.

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