Second Crusade

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The Second Crusade started on 02.04.2021 and ended on 25.05.2021 with a spam of withers. The figurehead of the group is Deus. Known active members are Brains, Sas, Horta, Yeet, Killassisst, Wolf, Devilish, BellotheFemboy, GrabbloDOT, amxxrio, blitzed_britt, sansiex, smartleek, scot26, and Anker. Keep in mind these members never had access to any bases/farms, they are just who actively and consistently helped with crusade projects the most.

After a few months of griefing and probably less motivation for it, Deus organized the building of their logo at Y256 with obsidian. While collecting the needed obsidian, they got griefed and Deus and Anker got killed by add_money1 :

Logo 1week later