From Simply Vanilla

Summoner didn't really play minecraft at all before joining anarchy servers like Purity and, and he eventually found an anarchy server that was fit for him, Simply Vanilla. Summoner678 joined the server on January 23rd 2021, and after attempting to find on ocean biome to build a starter base on and dying along the journey, quit the server for a week. Then on February 1st 2021, Summoner joined again and was killed at spawn by Deus and Dleck, but afterward they gave him some starter gear. Summoner then went on to make 2 insignificant starter bases after traveling on the highways. These starter bases didn't even have villagers, they were really just Summoner figuring out Minecraft and having fun with it. After some time, Summoner got bored and asked in game chat if there was any groups to join. This caught the attention of Add, who invited Summoner to RR. Summoner has been active within RR ever since, but unfortunately has not had the time to play during recent months due to school.