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About The THS

The THS is currently lead by King_Lizzard with a total of 18 members in it. However, after King_Lizzard got banned, Bravo__ has taken over all in-game operations of the THS. They are a group dedicated to the turtle helmet and its “magical properties”.


The THS was founded by King_Lizzard and POOZUH on March 2nd, 2021. The group at first consisted of only 4 players (King_Lizzard, POOZUH, Bravo__, and spydude). The group stayed small at first before gaining several new members including fire_infern0, Gibest, zhdun, Afrog911, Spicynooodlz, and Lizard_Wizard42. They built a base together before setting their sights on a new base. They gained many more members and friends.

Piggy Town

Piggy Town was a base at -200k -250k. The base was constructed in May of 2021 and was a castle built by Lizard_Wizard42. The base consisted of many farms and was still growing until the base fell to Kasko (backdoored) and BlooonsTD, who leaked the base coordinates to DeusLoVult1099, Skligga (Anker), BelloTheFemboy, Wences, Devilish, and a few others. The base was griefed until it was unrecognizable. However, one of the THS builders decided in early August of 2021 to rebuild the base. It was rebuilt and improved before a few members of Nether Knights found out about the reconstruction and forced the THS to regrief the base themselves.

THS Civil War

In April of 2021, King_Lizzard, Bravo__, and POOZUH were in a voice chat together. POOZUH went afk for a few minutes. After he returned he heard King_Lizzard and Bravo__ talking behind his back. He later killed King_Lizzard when he was afk. For a few days members fought each other and took each other's loot. Members quit and played on other servers leaving the THS in disarray. Eventually, the two groups made up and reunited.

Post Civil War

After the THS Civil war concluded several THS bases were griefed. Allegedly player __grady leaked the locations. For example THS main base (10,726 68 -17,016) was leaked on or before September 23rd, 2021. As a result the THS drylands and THS main base were destroyed. Several members of THS decided to leave the group afterwards. pok2drEYT and ItsMossy (Kirando55) branched out to start the group Council of Cool Kids (C.O.C.K). At the end of September, 2021 King_Lizzard and Ultio fell out with each other in Discord direct messages and both threatening to doxx each other. King_Lizzard was banned on September 29th, 2021 for doxxing. On October 6th, 2021 Bravo__ took over THS.

Current Members

Former Members

  • pok2drEYT
  • ItsMossy (Kirando)
  • __grady__