From Simply Vanilla

_YeetMaster first joined Simply Vanilla on February 2nd, 2021. Is the 5th member of Radical Raiders to join after Add money1 (a.k.a Ngine), HydroLegionaire, Kenny (a.k.a ilidrael), And GoldHawkTTV.

Location: United States
Joined SV: 2/2/21
Faction: Radical Raiders

Begining Days

After YeetMaster joined on February 2nd he left spawn and got basic supplies then he asked around for teams to join and Add money1 reached out to him. They started talking and Add challenged him to build a spawn base to proove himself. After building a spawn base Add took YeetMaster's application to the other RR members. All the members agreed and YeetMaster joined Radical Raiders on February 4th, 2021, only two days after joining the server. He then made a skeleton farm at RR's Tempo base and built a house.

Notable Moments

Joining RR, Founding Fight Club, Scamming hqllow

Current Happenings

Working on a giant Doofinsmirtz Evil Inc. and build and building fight club arenas.