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Main Events Starting off

-One of the first members to join Yokai was Asphyxiati6n who met with MrJengo at the NetherHub, before later on both being killed.

-After this, MrJengo invited cochie_man445 and TheWandererMan to Yokai. This turned out to be a grave mistake for Yokai as cochie_man445 had invited multiple players and enemies of Yokai to the base, resulting in his bed trapping and a self grief with the help of Buruv. MrJengo later moved to a separate base with Asphyxiati6n and IchBinSchlau.

-The next two members to join Yokai were sansiex and Faze_Obama_68 (known as Stepsis) and spent much of their time building farms and other resource intense projects, while MrJengo and IchBinSchlau worked on the notorious Yokai Temple named Kappa.

-In April a group named Imperium City merged with Yokai, which were a group consisting of at the time Wolff and BarnFish.

The Betrayal of Atlas

-Around the time between May and June, a group by the name of Atlas, requested an alliance between the groups, which later resulted in the griefing of both of the Yokai bases. This was one of the darkest days in the history of Yokai and declared an intense rivalry between Yokai and Atlas. Around this time, Yokai managed to locate the base of Jo_2021 which they brutally griefed, due to him being a member of Atlas they despised at the time.

-After this event, Yokai started a new base far away and made an alliance with the group Cheer Squad, lead by hqllow_. Due to very opposing ideas of the future of the group, the Cheer Squad eventually decided to split off and instead stay friends. This base was then griefed by batteryboi2 and ariescraft08, who were ex members of Cheer Squad.

-After Yokai became very inactive, players McLava (or just Lava) and PoggerBottle (a former member of Yokai) founded Oni, which is known to some as Yokai 2, as it was planned to revive the group and bring back many players who had left the server previously. Even though as of Oni's creation, MrJengo had quit SimplyVanilla, he still considered many members his friends, and still keeps close ties with them to this day.

Bases Griefed by Yokai

-Inferno base (founded by 904k and ItIsBoiii)

-Many Atlas bases

-Jo_2021's base during their rivalry